Spamalot and Cheap Magazines (It’s only a phase)




Double You Tea Ef. I have never been to the London Dungeon ever. I think it is an absolute must see. I have lived in London for 14 years and have never been there. I just can’t believe it. It’s supposed to be great, but also quite expensive. If I can’t convince Mum (or Dad) that this should be part of my upbringing, I will see if I can ask grandma for a ticket for my birthday. I’m looking forward to it already. 

The reason I came up with this is because of what happened last night. As some sort of surprise Mum and Dad took me to ‘Spamalot’ last night. That is why she wanted to eat fish’n’ chips, and I was allowed to go to Bank. This gave them some room to get tickets, and they didn’thave to cook or do the washing-up. And they had to take Cheddar to grandma. She was not very happy about that, because the first thing Cheddar always does is piss on her carpet. It makes me laugh and Grandma mad, which makes me laugh even harder.

Spamalot is quite funny, though I think it would have been a lot funnier if I had actually seen anything by Monty Python before. Dad really laughed off his head. He’s seen all their films, their shows and programmes, and interviews, and all that. I don’t think they went to see the play for me, I think it was Mum’s idea of pleasing Dad. Mum didn’t really seem to enjoy it very much, even less than I did. Maybe that’s because she had her sense of humour surgically removed some months before she got married. 

They got me a nice Spamalot Booklet with all sorts of information on the cast and on Monty Python. I don’t know if I am going to become their biggest fan, but I think I will check out one or two of their films. I should really see The Holy Grail just to see if I can understand some of the jokes that were made in this musical.

During the intermezzo I overheard some tourists talk about their day and how they really enjoyed the London Dungeon. I tried to listen into their conversation a little more but Dad kept asking me questions about the play. Then Mum offered me a drink and the tourists went back to their seats. Shortly after we went back too, but we weren’t very close to the tourists. We weren’t very close to the stage either. 

I am going to pay Mr Bent another visit tonight. Sometimes it feels as if he’s a bit like me. We’re both a little bit socially awkward and have a very grim look on life. Though I reckon there’s still some sort of chance for me to grow out of this. Mum keeps telling me it’s just a phase that all teenagers go through. I don’t see many teenagers at my school going through this same phase. Maybe she’s been reading too many cheap magazines. Or maybe I’ve been reading too few. That’s it for now. See me tomorrow. 


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