A Poet Inside Of Me

14-01-2014 Tuesday


Are there any songs about Tuesday? It’s such a strange day of the week. On Mondays – being the start of the week – I take my time getting ready for the days to come. It’s some sort of warming up. Tuesdays I feel like I am ready and at 12 o’clock I feel like I can take over the world; bringest them on! When I get back home it feels like the heat is over and I can already start cooling down, because – you know – I really want to be ready for the weekend. One cannot be in full throttle during the weekend. That’s when you just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, that’s what my weekend is all about. So after today I’m starting to work my way towards relax mode. Well, maybe that’s just me.

Mum’s making one of her ‘exotic dishes’ again and I am at ‘the rock’ doing my ‘homework’. I am stretching the term a little bit to that respect that I am home and working. Well, I am stretching the term ‘working’ a little bit to that respect that I’m writing a blog, which basically means that I ‘working’ on myself. I’m trying to develop what one calls ‘social skills’ and I am doing this from behind my computer.

I am beginning to wonder whether grandma was right about her ‘Facebook’ idea. It’s been more than a week, I’ve only gathered 12 friends and I hardly ever speak to them on ‘Facebook’ or in real life. I have even joined a chat group and for some reason people are trying to get out of that group. Unfortunately, for some, they can’t. I think it’s some sort of trap. As long as we don’t start turning into mules, just like in Pinocchio, everything’s just fine.

Chances of meeting up with any of them are very slim. I feel like a comet for some reason. Not that I am fast or anything, it’s just that everything and everyone passes by and I never get into contact with them. Haley must be very lonely out there. As soon as I do get into contact with someone … bang, they’re gone. I think I know how Haley feels. Wow … I think there’s a poet hiding deep inside of me. Nah.

Tonight I am going to see if Mr Bent is in. I want to show him the websites I found the other day and ask his opinion about all these devices and maybe ask him what I should do concerning the White Noise idea. He’s got some magnificent junk at home. He might just have one of these old recording devices. I don’t want to insult him using the word old (he might just think I am calling him old), so I have to be more discrete when bringing this up. Anybody got a better way of putting it?

Let’s stretch the term ‘working’ a little more and see if I can ‘work’ my way into a little afternoon nap … aaaand it’s time to walk the dog. Mum’s calling me and I recognize the tone. Gotta rush. See me later. 


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