15-01-2014 Wednesday


Mr Bent was not impressed. He said the White Noise thing is just a load of (and then some words I am not allowed to say). And those Ouija boards, if they work at all, can sometimes summon ghosts and spirits you’d rather not summon. Mr Bent doubts all the Ouija board stories. Most of those people just wanted to be the centre of attention and found a good way to get that attention. He said the best and safest thing would be to just take pictures and pray for the best. He did have an interesting story for me. A place I should abso(bad word)lutely visit some day.

Supposedly the area around Charterhouse Square is ghost heaven. It looks like an ordinary garden surrounded by some lovely old buildings. Some of these buildings have their own frightening ghost stories which he said he’d tell me about one day. The garden has a nicely mowed lawn, some more or less melancholic looking tree, and it is private; so only those who have a key can enter it and enjoy it to the max. Maybe enjoy is not the right word. The fact that there’s a railing around it has not prevented people – mostly school kids – to get into the garden.

This idyllic looking garden is set on one gigantic, enormous, immense plague pit.  More than 50,000 victims of the plague in the 14th century were thrown into this pit: dead or alive. ‘I’m not dead!’ Well, they were not fooling anybody, were they? They would soon be, so it was best to just chuck them in there with all the other corpses or corpses to be. Better to be safe than sorry.

I don’t think I’d want to live there. It is said that people can still hear the screams of those who were buried alive (well, nearly dead). Teenagers dare each other to climb over the fence at midnight, place their ears to the ground to find out if they can hear those who were thrown in there alive amongst the rotting corpses. Listening to the screams and howls underground – beneath the grass and the dirt -does not sound very appealing to me. On the other hand… if that is what it takes to become a real ghost hunter, I might just want to look into it and see what I can do.

I am going to keep it short today, because a tsunami of homework hit me this week. I can’t even see my desk anymore and this time it is not because of all the dirty clothes I always have lying about the place. A bag of crisps, chocolate bars, some yumchaa tea (chili chili bang bang … gotta love it) and here I go. See me later. 


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