Flu Struck

18-01-2014 Saturday

Entirely flu struck. I have got snot clogging up everything. This is not going to be a nice story. Have you ever noticed that it’s usually one side of your nose that’s clogged and that you can breathe freely through the other hole? Then after a couple of hours, they change sides for no apparent reason. As if they take turns because they get tired of being clogged all the time. Then, as soon as you lie down, BANG you can’t breathe through either of them. You can blow your nose as much as you like, but nothing comes out and sprays don’t seem to have any effect.

Mum wants me to take some sort steam bath like sort of thing. I just want to lie down on my bed and feel terrible. My muscles ache, my throat feels like sandpaper, my nose runs with irregular intervals, my eyes are watery and my head follows the rhythm of my heart in thumping. I’ve already taken two aspirins and I drink lots of tea with honey. So far: no results. This just sucks.

Being sick during the weekend is just terrible. I’ll probably feel well enough to go to school on Monday. It’s always like that; holidays and weekends, but never during schooldays and this just messes up all of my plans. For instance, I don’t I can go to Mr Bent to talk about the dowsing rod. I don’t want him to get ill and he probably wouldn’t want that either.

I am going to keep it short today, because staring at this screen makes my head hurt even more. It took me over an hour to type this. Just another aspirin and then I’m going to take another very long nap till somewhere around 11.00 a.m. See me tomorrow. 


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