What To Do With The Flu?

21-01-2014 Tuesday


Six times and counting. I have picked up the phone six times today to call Evelyn, every time I picked up the phone I realised the same thing: I don’t have her number. Even I did have her number I’d probably hang up as soon as she’d answered. Forget about it. It’s not going to happen.

Maybe the flu has gone straight to my head. It’s been three days and I still feel shitty. I am getting better though. Sunday and Monday I was too ill to even write. I slept through most of the weekend and Monday. Sleeping through Monday was probably the best thing ever, because I heard it was Blue Monday. When I looked into the mirror yesterday it looked more like a Pale Monday to me.

The flu is actually a strange thing, isn’t it? We find cures for everything, but we still haven’t found a good cure for one of the most common diseases known to mankind. All doctors can say is something like,’ Take some aspirins, take a rest, and if that doesn’t work see me again in two weeks.’ How is that for a cure!?

Mum is being very helpful. She has brought me breakfast, dinner, food and every now and again some tea and aspirins. I wonder if Yumchaa could come up with some kind of tea that lightens the burdens of flu. Maybe they could come up with something like tea to unclog the nose or to help ease the throat. For some reason I feel that tea companies could do so much more for society than just provide a cure for thirst. Or is it just the flu talking?

Cheddar has also been very friendly. It hasn’t left my side. Well, maybe it has, because Cheddar is not allowed to wet my bed or do a number two in the house. Other than going for a walk with Mum, Cheddar has been by my side and under the blankets since I went to bed on Saturday. Mind you, Cheddar normally isn’t allowed in bed, just on special occasions just like this. Mum says dogs make the bed smell funny and it is not hygienic. If the latter is the case, then why is he allowed when I am ill?

I am going to go back to sleep now. Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel even better. I am looking forward to going back to school; I am getting more bored in bed than I normally am during my lessons. See me tomorrow.


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