Dowsing Rod (For Poking Out Eyes)

22-01-2014 Wednesday


Either Mum’s cooking is getting better or my taste buds are numbed because of the flu. I hope it’s the first one, I fear it’s the latter. I’m afraid that as soon as my nose is unclogged and my taste buds start working again, the food will taste just the way it has always tastes. I’ve got to face the, the name and the looks of the food change, but the taste stays the same. Let’s enjoy Mum’s cooking for the time being.

I looked into the dowsing rod thing on the Internet. Maybe I should cancel my order with Mr Bent. You could poke somebody’s eyes with those things; they’re bl**d* dangerous! Knowing me, poking out eyeballs is probably what would happen when I’m handling the rods. Most likely, eyeballs would probably be the only things I’d find.

Internet says dowsing rods are meant to find hidden things (eyeballs aren’t very hidden, are they?), but mostly wells and watery areas. I’d probably find the bathtub with my Mum in it (YUCK!) or all the puddles outside at the end of a rainy day. Besides that, I think they work more or less in the same way as Ouija Boards; you control the rod’s movement without knowing you’re doing it yourself. Nope, dowsing rods don’t look to me like the ideal machines to find ghosts and the likes.

I feel a lot better today. Tomorrow I might actually go to school. We’re going on a field trip on Friday and I wouldn’t want to miss that. Well, it’s not really a field trip, it’s a museum trip. We’re going to go to the Natural History Museum. There’s this school project on dinosaurs and we’re supposed to gather information at the museum and write some reports on it or something. I don’t know the details because I have been ill for a couple of days and nobody has been filling me in on this. Maybe I should contact someone myself.

If I am not mistaken we were also supposed to work in groups, which means that I am in a group of 1. Schools think that teamwork teaches you valuable lessons and makes a job so much easier. I think that’s a load of codswallop. Group members only slow you down, you irritate the h*ll out of each other and there is always one who doesn’t do a single thing yet he still gets the same mark for work that others have done for him. I’d rather stick to my group of one, thanks.

Cheddar just came by to see what was keeping me. I think Cheddar’s gotten used to lying on the sofa with me. That’s it for now then, see me tomorrow.  Image


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