I’m Invisible


24-01-2014 Friday




Maybe I should become a ninja; I have definitely mastered the art of invisibility. Teachers hardly ever notice my presence in class and not even my classmates are aware of it when I am ill for a couple of days and therefore don’t attend classes. For some reason I always go unnoticed. I think it’s also because of the school uniforms. Everybody looks the same. Although some of us try to squeeze in some of their personality by dying or cutting their hair in extreme ways. Socks also seem to be a good way to show you’re different. Still, I don’t really stand out in the crowd even though I am on the chubby side. I could come to school wearing one of those propeller caps, and nobody would notice. Well, maybe one or two people would say something like,’ Hey, there’s something different about your hair today.’


It is kind of a good thing to not be noticed. School bullies don’t seem to be one of my problems. They don’t bother bullying me because there is nothing to gain for them; there is no way to get a kick out of bullying me. Though there is a lot about me they could make fun of. Let’s face it; I’m chubby, not very pretty, a bit spotty (though not a lot anymore thanks to Lush), and I am absolutely positively not hip. I don’t go with the masses. Let it be clear that I am pretty pleased with all this. I have accepted it and I guess,’ This, too, shall pass.’


Basically I am an easy prey. Most likely I am too easy to be worth the effort. Who, then, is it that they pick on and how? Well, it is quite difficult to look into their brains and see what’s going in there. There probably isn’t much going on in there anyways – which is their biggest problem if you’d ask me. If their brains were more preoccupied with interesting stuff, they’d leave those poor fellows alone. School bullies are much like zombies ‘BRAAAAAINS, BRAAAAINS!’. Instead of ‘brains’ they go like,’ ANNOY! ANNNOOOOOY!’


School bullies have this sixth sense. They enter a room and know instinctively who can be bullied and who should not be messed with or is just not worth the effort. Furthermore, they know exactly when to strike and have this database of excuses for their actions if on the rare occasion they do get noticed or even caught. They poke you from behind with their pen and they accuse you of throwing the pen on the floor or stealing the cap (that they threw onto your desk in a cunning way). You know how it works.


Teachers for fall their tricks over and over again. How come teachers don’t see these things? Are they really that blind? This afternoon one the bullies threw somebody down the stairs. He put the blame on the people behind him and he said they were pushing him. When asked who were pushing him, he couldn’t say, because he either didn’t recognize them or couldn’t see their faces clearly. Fact was, there was nobody behind him. The poor kid broke his arm, the bully gets away with it and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.


I’m so glad I am me. I know I am not perfect in many ways, but I am working on things and one day I will astound everybody, mark my words. First, food. See me tomorrow. 



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