Mum and Dad

31-01-2014 Saturday


Just like Backstreet I am back. I missed you Thursday and Friday because I was too (nasty word) busy and there were a lot of problems. Mum kept going on about cleaning my room, Dad wanted me to do more homework, the both of them kept on arguing about my upbringing, and all I just wanted to do was crawl away under my blanket, hide and wait for all of the madness to have disappeared. I think the coast is clear now.

How did they ever find each other? Mum and Dad are complete opposites sometimes. I wonder whether they really love each other or that it’s just more convenient sharing a house together than living on their ownsies. Maybe something went missing along the way and they have not been able to find it. As far as love goes, I have not a lot of experience. None, unless you count that one primary school girl that once stole a kiss from me while I was trying to help her get the zipper of her coat up.

Some people say that opposites attract, but I think Mum and Dad just grew apart somewhere along the way and are either too stubborn to admit it or they have grown too accustomed to living like this. Here’s something they do have in common: stubbornness. For my best guess is that they are both just to stubborn to admit to anything actually. Dad never gives up fixing things in the house, even though he is a lousy handyman. Mum always makes Dad fix things in the house, even though she ought to know that Dad is a lousy handyman. And I never dare tell either of them this.

You’ve got to admit, though, that it is some kind of comfort knowing the situation even though you know it’s not an ideal situation. Dad knows everything about Mum and vice versa. They can finish each other sentences, even when they are arguing. Dad knows what Mum will say when something goes wrong and Mum knows how Dad is going to react when she’s spent too much money on useless gadgets again. They never surprise each other anymore.

That might be their greatest comfort, yet, that might also be the one thing that is missing in their entire relationship. Last time Dad came home with some flowers was when he had forgotten completely about their anniversary. You could hardly call them flowers by the way. I think he picked them up at the petrol station on his way home from work. Most likely it was after Mum had called him and furiously started telling him off about forgetting the most important day of his life. My guess is that Mum’s phone call didn’t even surprise that. See, that’s what they’re missing.

Ohw my, they’re at it again. Sorry, I really have to go and hide someplace. The shower is usually a good place to hide when Mum and Dad are at it. They don’t dare enter it when I am in there in the altogether, because they know I am going to freak out. Hey, I am a teenager, I am supposed to freak out when somebody bursts into the bathroom while I am in there. Actually, I am supposed to burst out just any time of day for no particular reason at all. But that’s not the kind of guy I am.

See me tomorrow … if I’m not hiding under a rock.


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