What Will The Neighbours Think?

02-02-2014 Sunday

Although I started writing this blog to improve my social skills and to talk about ghosts and such, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually a very good way to get things off of my chest. Yesterday was a very good example. I felt so much better after having written down my thoughts and all. Not that the problems were solved afterwards, but at least it had somehow cleared my mind. It’s difficult to explain.

Today I figured the same thing parents often say about their children, sometimes goes for them as well: parents should be seen and not heard. It’s amazing how Mum and Dad’s voices can boom through the entire house when they’re ‘talking’. I use the quotation marks here, because as soon as I ask them what they are shouting for (as most of the times they are only two inches removed from one another) they tell me they are just ‘talking’. With their way of talking they’ll both be deaf within 2 years.

‘What will the neighbours think?’ I sometimes ask myself. Surely, they must hear these kinds of arguments. Not only do they scream at each other, they also walk around the house like elephants on parade and slam doors and drawers. Basically things they always specifically tell me not to do, because the neighbours might hear it and start complaining. As far as I know I have never heard the neighbours complain about me slamming any doors in our house.  

Mr Bent, my friendly neighbour next doors, never says anything about this racket that I’m sure he must hear every now and again. I dare not talk about it with him and I guess he does not feel the need to talk about it to me either. As far as the other neighbours go, I hardly ever see or talk to them. It’s like they don’t exist or maybe that we don’t exist. Sometimes I wonder if they are still alive. You sometimes see these newspaper articles about people who’ve been lying dead about the house for years without anybody noticing. One day I expect to see one of my neighbours in there and it would not surprise me a bit.

Today, by the way, was a good day. No arguments, just an easy family day. We even watched a film together. When Dad heard I was reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy he said we could watch the film together if we wanted to. The film was terrible by the way. Don’t watch it! Unless of course you are wondering how bad it is. The book is so much better. Dad said something about a TV-series on the book that is supposed to be very good. He was going to see if he could find it somewhere on the Internet later this week. I couldn’t be worse than the film, now, could it?

Anyways, I am going to enjoy an evening full of homework and such. I’ve got Cheddar, I’ve got tea, I’ve got a desk and I’ve got me. So here goes. See me tomorrow. 


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