Social Media As A Cure.

05-02-2014 Wednesday

Time is fun when you’re having flies and I have no idea what happened to the first month of 2014 so I must have been having fun. It’s February already and I just realised it today. On the upside, we’re getting closer to summer holiday. I for one wouldn’t mind a holiday and neither would I mind summer. So bringest them on!

Not that I am ready for summer by the way. No, not really, actually. It would take me years to be ready for that. I need to get into shape if I want to be able to show off at the beach or anything. Besides getting into shape, my skin is whiter than white – I make milk look brown – two minutes of sun is enough to make lobsters envy me for my colour. As far as my body is concerned I am not ready for summer, but as for my mind, it’s completely set for summer already.

I did not come here to talk to you about summer, what I actually want to share with you today is that I am making progress in getting to know people on the Internet. Although I must admit that I still have problems finding the right response to people. Like the other day I posted a remark about a very pretty looking girl and I tried my best to find the right words – so as not to sound like a complete idiot but also not like a creep or anything – just something casual, right. And the girl responded in a great way. It really made me smile. But then I had think of something to say and after two days I haven’t said anything back yet. I guess it’s a bit too late for a snappy comeback. At least I am making progress and Grandma can be proud of me.

Not only am I giving it my best to make friends on Facebook, my blog is also really helpful. There is this great guy who makes fabulous pictures. I am big fan of his pictures, though I haven’t always got the time to look at all his pictures and read his stories in great detail. Ohw, yeah, I forgot, he also has a very good way with words. His pictures are usually followed by a poem or at least very poetic words. You should really check him out.  

I have been trying to write some poems myself, but all I can come up with are lyrics to songs that will never be written. At least it’s something. WordPress has got some really good poets and I sometimes get lots in all the posts and I forget that I was supposed to be doing my homework.

The only thing I can’t get the hang of is Twitter. Sometimes it’s like some people have absolutely nothing to do during their day except for posting things on Twitter. They are followed by hundreds sometimes thousands of people and I have no clue as to how they managed to do that. By the way, most of the times it’s girls that have so many followers. I can’t keep up with these people and I don’t have time to post tens of messages a day. It’s not like I’ve got a book with ready-made Twitter posts.

Maybe one day I’ll get the hang of that, too. I should send some a card to Grandma to thank her for the idea of getting a Facebook account. Then again, she’d probably eat it or feed it to the birds. It’s late and it’s time to hit the sack. Goodnight world, see me tomorrow. 


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