The ‘Stache’

 09-02-2014 Sunday

 Maybe I should grow a beard. The biggest problem is that I have no facial hair whatsoever. My dad has got a lot of facial hair. He said that when he was my age he didn’t have to shave either. He said his skin was always as smooth as silk and he didn’t have to a thing for that. He always looked like as if he had just been into close contact with some razor blades. It’s supposed to me normal for a 14-year old, to that respect I can’t wait till I’m 18. Hopefully I will grow a little bit more facial hair than him, I think it looks kind of manly. I have this boyish look that I want to get rid of a.s.a.p. 25 seems like a nice age to me. It’s like you’re old enough to do almost anything and go to any place you’d like. Yet, you are not too old to make things look awkward. Like, when a 40-year old goes to a disco to hang out with the 19-year old boys and girls as if he’s still really hip and cool and shit. I don’t ever want to be that way.

I just realised that this whole story just started out of the blue, but in my head it made perfect sense. Recently the ‘stache’ has become very popular. You see them all over the Internet, in shops, on the streets; they sell fake moustaches, shirts with ‘staches’, books, posters, mugs, anything, everything with or about moustaches. Beards on the other hand seem a bit ‘not done’, unless you’re a hipster, which I am definitely not. Hipsters are at least 25 years old, or at least they should be. A 16-year old hipster is weird, I think you’d probably call them emo or something. I dunno. 55-year old hipsters should be locked up.

This whole hipster thing kind of makes me wonder into which category people would put me. Maybe that is what is lacking: style. I don’t really fit into any group. Which actually makes me fit into any group. Wow, paradox! This is weird. Because I don’t fit into any group I actually fit into any group. If I look at it that way … think of all the possibilities. Though I don’t think it would work. The possibilities.

Which kind of brings me back to the facial hair. I think it would really help a lot if I had some of it. If I had any, I could shape it and more or less try to fit myself into some kind of subculture. Though I might want to do some more research on this, before I do anything stupid. Note to self: whatever you do, don’t grow a Charlie Chapin ‘stache’.

It’s already 23.30 and way passed my bedtime. Luckily everybody’s asleep and nobody in this house knows about my blog or about me writing things at this time. Let’s try and keep it that way. If you won’t tell them, I won’t. Sleep tight, see me tomorrow. 


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