St Arthur’s Day

11-02-2014 Tuesday

 ‘St. Arthur’s Day’ I think I’d like that.
‘What are you going to do for St. Arthur’s Day?’
‘Oh, I think I’ll do Arthur’s favourite: drink lots of Yumchaa tea, eat chocolate velvet cake, and play some Arthur games. And you?’
‘We’ve already started decorating the house with little Arthur’s and Cheddar’s and there’s a truckload of Chilli Chilli Bang Bang in the kitchen cupboards.’

Yes, I quite like the ring to that. Although I don’t suppose it is going to happen soon, nor will it ever happen, as I have no idea whatever I could do to become a St. let alone getting so famous they’d name a holiday after me. But it’s nice to daydream every now and again and think about all the things I’m never going to get or be.
I guess you’ll understand why I came up with the whole idea of St Arthur’s Day, right? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Shops are crammed with hearts, and chocolates, and cards, and chocolates, and more chocolates. We’re being lured into the shops to spend a fortune on all those meaningless pre-fab gifts and for what reason?
As for me, I think Valentine’s Day is just for sending a card to the person you really fancy to let her know that he or she has a secret admirer. Unfortunately, nowadays, they’d be calling you a stalker or a creep if you did a thing like that. You hear girls in the corridors whispering to each other about it. My guess is that people used to be more romantic in the olden days. What has become of romance?This year I am going to send my first Valentine’s Day card ever. It’s yet another milestone in the history of Arthur Didymus (this is where you should hear drums beat). You have probably guessed by now that I have kind of, sort of, fallen head over heels for Evelyn. It’s not like I fall in love with every girl that talks to me or looks at me longer than 2 seconds. Far from it, I hardly ever fall in love with anyone. Evelyn is different, she is special and she kind of reminds me of myself, I guess. She hasn’t got a lot of friends either.
We talked again today and you could even call it a real conversation this time. She bumped into me in the corridor, or I bumped into her I dunno, and we both dropped all the stuff we were carrying. While we were picking up all our books, papers, pencils and what have you, we started talking about these little ‘accidents’ we both seem to have a lot. She’s kind of an accident prone, just like me.
After we had picked up all our belongings I am sure she gave me that look. You know, that look girls give you when they kind of, sort of, like you. That certain shy-ish look from underneath her hair. I tried my best to give her more or less the same look, but – as you may remember from an earlier post – my facial expressions have not developed very well. So, maybe I looked a bit like I let one go.
Evelyn’s going to get a card from me this Friday and I am not really sure whether I am going to make the card myself or whether I am going to go to the shop and buy one for her. All those cards look the same and are hardly ever original. I did see some great Valentine’s Cards on 9gag, but not only were they very unromantic, I am also not very sure whether she would appreciate it. Besides, I think it would also give her the wrong idea; as if I was joking with her. I am not, I guarantee it.
If you have any ideas for me about how to go about this, please let me know. I could sure use all the advice I can get. I’m off to help Mum cook. See me tomorrow. 


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