The German Exchange Student

12-02-2014 Wednesday

Maybe it’s about that time I told you about another one of my classmates. I’ve been writing for over a month now and even though I post something nearly every single day I still haven’t gotten round to telling you about some of the people that surround me. Not that I really care a lot about all of them, but there are some classmates that are pretty interesting and I’d love to tell you about them. So, let’s make a start with this.
By the way, I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I changed the names of my classmates a little. I don’t want them to be known on the Internet and I sometimes write things about them that could make them feel bad if the world got to know about it. Besides, there are probably laws or something that say that they could sue me for all I’ve got if I were to use their real names. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Most of the times I use a name similar to the ones they’ve got.
The classmate I’d like to tell you about today is Franz. You’ve probably guessed by his name that he is not from England (trust me, Hanz sounds way cooler than his real name). He is a German exchange student. Well, he’s not really an exchange student as we’re not sending anybody to Germany from our school in return and he’s not planning to go back to his school either. Actually, you could say he’s not an exchange student at all, but everybody just likes to call him that.
It might just be better for Franz as well that everybody calls him the ‘exchange student’ as he has got this terrible German accent. Nobody ever understands a word he is saying (or writing) and most people make fun of him because of it. Why is it better for him that we call him the ‘exchange student’? At least this way he’s got a very good excuse for not being able to talk our language properly for he’s just an exchange student and probably hasn’t been here that long. Which would mean that he would actually be very good at English if you looked at it that way. If I had told you he’s been here for five years already and he is still not able to make himself understood, you’d probably think differently about him.
Franz hasn’t got a lot of friends either, just like me. It’s not that he lacks social skills. Au contraire (I really like that phrase), he’s one of the most outgoing people in class; if it moves, he’ll talk to it. It’s just that people find him a bit weird. He kind of reminds me of Augustus Gloop from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I guess you can understand why people think he’s a bit of an oddball.
Franz is even chubbier than I am and he really likes food … any food. If it’s edible he’ll eat it. Come to think of it, Franz is not really picky about anything, is he? He talks to anything and everybody, he’ll eat anything (maybe also anybody), he’ll do anything, and he’ll believe anything. He’s quite the gullible type. We once told him that chickens don’t fly, because they are afraid they might lay an egg while flying and kill one of their possible offspring. Next he came to school and ignored the ones who had told him. He found out about the ‘joke’ and got quite angry about it. Luckily Hanz is not the one to stay angry very long.
Omg, I’ve been talking on end about Franz and I still have to work on that Valentine’s Card. I think I am going to make one myself. I should write some sort of poem, too, don’t you think? I don’t know if I am good at these kind of things. How do you write a love poem? I don’t think Evelyn’s the cliché love poem type of girl. I’ll figure something out. Gotta go. See me tomorrow. 


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