The Swan in Rotterdam

15-02-2014 Saturday

Dad’s company paid for the train tickets, the hotel and they are even paying for the food and drinks at the hotel. It is great here. We’re next to this river and this big bridge that I believe is called ‘the Swan’ but I am not sure about that. Somebody might have been pulling my leg.
This afternoon Mum and I went to the city centre, which is only a couple of minutes down the road, and we walked around a little. Mum had a map that so got from the Tourist Information Office here, but she is not, neither am I. We were walking around looking for these ‘cube’ buildings, but we got lost a little. Mum kept turning the map as if it was a steering wheel, looking around to find something she’d recognize, but alas.
I was trying not to look too much like a tourist, but it was kind of hard with Mum acting twice the tourist. This guy walks up to us and asks her what we were looking for. Mum told him and he said he’d take us there. Not only did he take us to those ‘cube’ buildings (which were not really that much a big thing), but he took us on a tour through the entire city. I think I have now seen more of Rotterdam than I have of London.
That bridge is called ‘the Swan’, but it is somewhat of a nickname. People in Rotterdam give a lot of buildings nicknames. The actual name for the bridge is Erasmus Bridge’. After they had finished building it, it became the biggest swing of the country, as there was something wrong with the cables that should have kept it stable. With every gust of wind it would wobble and swing which made it dangerous to use. I believe they have the problem fixed now.
Anyways, Rotterdam is not very pretty, but it is an interesting city and Dutch people are weird. There aren’t any fish ‘n’ chips shops, like … not anywhere. They sell fish, they sell chips, but not like in England. They do have this magical thing called ‘stroopwaffles’ or something (dunno if it is spelled correctly). They are very sweet (Mum let me have one without saying anything about my weight). I even went into a Lush. They had one over here! I think it was because we had company – or the fact that Dad’s company was paying for the trip – that Mum was being so generous and cheerful. She even let me buy some soap and a new chunk of charcoal for my face. Dad should have more of these trips. I’ll send a letter to his company about it.
It is already quarter past twelve here, while over there, in England, it would only be quarter past eleven. I am back at the hotel looking out over the river, which I believe is called ‘the Maze’ or something. I should look up how to spell some of these names. We’re leaving early in the morning and we’ll probably be back in the afternoon. It’s a shame we only got to spend a day here, but still, it’s better than not having spent a single day here. See me tomorrow.  


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