Cat Food Is Better Than No Food

16-02-2014 Sunday


‘Backstreet’s back, alright!’ Well, I am not really the Backstreet Boys (thank God), but I am back (by popular demand). We had a great journey and I can really recommend the train. What’s my basis of comparison? Nothing. I have never flown nor sailed to the Netherlands. In fact, I had never been to the Netherlands before – or any other country for that matter – until yesterday. Still, I really liked the train.

I had so much time to myself in the train that I have now nearly finished reading the second book of my Hitchhiker’s Guide series. That’s another thing I can recommend: reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide. Never before have so many questions been answered in such an easy and clear way. The answer to ‘life, the universe, and everything’ is enlightening. It made me feel like a brand new person. Also, the importance of towels and ‘knowing where your towel is’, has become very clear to me. Maybe I have time tonight to finish the last bit of book 2.

Ohw, right, trains. Rotterdam has this new train station. It looks like as if they took an ordinary building and wrapped it up tin foil. It is hideous! My new friend from the Netherlands told me that they had an architect come over from England to design the new building. They paid him €100.000 for the design and then they decided not to use those drawings. They could have done so much more with that money … like … giving it to me, for instance. I would have been very happy with it. And I could have also made them some useless drawings.

You get on the train in Rotterdam and, depending on which train you take, change in Brussels and you’ll be at St Pancras in no time. It is amazing. Especially for those who don’t like flying or who are seasick. I don’t even know if I’d be seasick or airsick. I’m not trainsick (is this a word?) that I do know. And I know that I always a lot of people complain about flying. No room for their legs, problems with luggage, delays, you name it. No such thing with these trains. I just noticed it’s beginning to sound like an infomercial, so I’ll stop talking about it … now.

We’re back, busy unpacking. Dad was not really pleased about the congress. He said it was a waste of time and money. Luckily it wasn’t his money and not my time, I had great fun. Then again, I wasn’t at the congress. They told him nothing that he didn’t already know (I have the same feeling during certain lessons at school), some of the speakers’ English was so terrible that it was an embarrassment to the organization and an insult to the English language, and one or two of the speakers were so unprepared that they decided not to talk. So much for the congress.

This is where I will have to leave you as where going to Grandma to pick up Cheddar. I hope the poor dog is still alive. She’s probably been feeding him cat-food. ‘Any food is better than no food,’ Dad will probably say. Still, dog food is best. Gotta go, see me tomorrow. 


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