Potatoes Every Day

18-02-2014 Tuesday

Evelyn has no idea I sent her that Valentine’s Day card. I am not even sure she read it. I am hopeless. I figured she’d have found out by now. It was dead obvious, wasn’t it? Maybe I should drop her some hints or something. I think I am the only one whose Valentine has no idea about her Valentine. For some reason there seem to be a lot more couples than before last Friday and I am not one of those couples. It probably won’t last that long. It hardly ever does.
At first they are very happy. They look like the perfect couple and friends will say things like how cute they look together and what a perfect match they are. Then after two weeks they discover they have absolutely nothing in common and they break up. Only the happy few stick together for another four weeks. In those four weeks they spend a lot of time laughing at those who broke up after two weeks. They declare never to let such a thing happen to them. Which is practically the only thing they share together and what keeps them together.
And so, after those additional four weeks they break up, fighting even heavier than those who only stuck together for two weeks. Tears flow and cause local floods. Not only did they have nothing in common, they also made each other the false promise to stick together and love each other for a long time, if not, for ever. This usually means they won’t be on speaking terms for a while. Teachers will have to put the broken-up couples apart if they are in the same class, friends they shared will have to watch what they say. Best friends will say nasty things about the exes and after a month or two nobody hardly seems to remember or want to remember. Normality will be restored, or at least a new normality.
I don’t think it is wise to make promises you can’t keep. Most of us are fourteen or fifteen years old, how can we possibly promise to stay with somebody for another 75 odd years if tomorrow we don’t even like the music that we say we love today? 75 years of eating potatoes each and every day does not sound appealing to me. I’d rather just say it like it is,’ Honey, you’re the best. At least till something better comes along.’ It is not very romantic, but closer to the truth than,’ I will always love you.’
Do we really think we will love somebody for ever and always no matter what, or do we say it as some sort of comfort? Or maybe some unrealistically romantic notion of love? Why do we have to say it anyways? Especially after two weeks. That can’t be right. Mum has known me for all my life and she doesn’t say it to me. Maybe that it not such a good example. But who am I? I have never loved before. I have fallen in love, but that is something completely different. Two different things, indeed. You can fall in love without actually loving that person.

Geez, I am being philisophical today. Time to take a rest from all that heavy thinking. Cheddar could use a break, too. And some food. We could definitely do with some food. See me tomorrow.


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