To The Hospital

19-02-2014 Wednesday

Mr Bent was taken to hospital last night. They took him there in an ambulance with sirens and lights and all. They took him out on one of those bed on wheels. I know there is a name for those things, but it slipped my memory. They had him wrapped up in blankets and strapped to the bed. He looked like an Egyptian mummy. I don’t think he was dead. Mum said they were taking him to hospital because there was something wrong with his heart. Dad said he thought Mr Bent didn’t have one. Which I thought was a really cruel thing to say. I am not speaking to Dad until he has formaly apologised. To me and Mr Bent.
I believe we are going to pay Mr Bent a visit tonight. Dad does not want to, but Mum insists. ‘Mr Bent hasn’t got anybody and I feel it is our neighbourly duty to at least pay him one visit,’ Mum said. I agree with her, but I don’t think Dad will appreciate it much if I said so, so I am keeping my mouth shut. Dad can be quite the sourpus. I wonder what made him that way. Talking bout dad.
Internet has been down since yesterday and not only do I miss it for school, I also miss facebook, twitter, wordpress and gmail. I am writing my blogs, but I can’t post anything till the problem is solved. Dad has been saying he’d fix it, but nothing so far. Every time I ask him to have a look at it he makes some hand gestures and he mumbles something lik busy, difficult and some very inaudible words and walks off. Mum hasn’t a clue what to do and neither of them will let me have a look at it. Looks like I am up shit creek without a paddle.
Mr Bent’s health is worse than my Internet problems though. I asked Mum if there was anything we could do. All that I could think of was maybe clean up his house. Last time I was there all of his books were still on the floor, and couch, and chairs, and tables, and mostly everywhere but where they should be. Mum said it might be nice of me if I did go over and make some room. Luckily we got the keys from Mr Bent just before they drove him to hospital. Which reminds me of the word I was looking for ‘gurney’, that was it. Anyways, I will go over to Mr Bent’s house when I have finished writing this blog.
The reason I want to finish this blog first is that I am a bit sad and worried and feel like I don’t really have anybody to talk to. Dad is out to work – I am not speaking to him anyways – and Mum probably wouldn’t understand. She is too caught up in her own ideas of how to deal with situations like this that she will start imposing those ideas onto me, which will most likely frustrate me even more. Mr Bent would be the best person to talk to about these things, but he is in hospital. This blog is more or less the only outlet I have got at the moment. 
I am going to go over to his place now to clean up and sulk a little. Mum is going to get some flowers and a card for when we go and visit Mr Bent in hospital tonight. If I come across any good books while cleaning up, I will bring them so he has something to do. I guess it could get rather boring in hospital. Especially when all you can do is just lie there and stare at the ceiling. See me tomorrow.



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