Greetings From Rotterdam

22-02-2014 Saturday


Let’s start off with the good news. Mr Bent is coming home tonight. He’s feeling quite all right. Mum and I went to see him yesterday and he was in a rather cheerful mood. He said they were treating him really well at St. Bart’s and he really loved how the nurses were taking care of him. I don’t know if you still know this, but Mr Bent has got this problem with his muscles and he keeps saying how he is beyond repair. He can’t raise his arms over his head so he actually needs somebody help to wash himself (don’t ask me how he does this at home). The nurses washed his hair and they shaved him and it made him look ten years younger. Maybe we should find somebody for him to do that once or twice a week.
Mum says I can go over to his place tonight and help him out a little. Just before we left the hospital yesterday Mr Bent whispered something to me about ghosts in St Bart’s and that he wanted to tell me about it. I hope he’s going to tell me tonight while I help him out. St Bart’s is a very old building and I guess things could get kind of creepy in there.
Today I talked to a girl from the Netherlands. She is one of my Dutch friend’s pupils. Dutch kids are really good at English. She’s even been to London once and she reads English books. I believe she is from Rotterdam, but I am not sure about this. I wanted to know so many things but I couldn’t come up with the questions. In any case it was a good way to practise my social skills. Though talking on the Internet is not really the same as talking in real life. People are scarier in real life.
When we went to Rotterdam and we met my Dutch friend, Mum did most of the talking. I smiled a lot and said a lot of ‘yes, uhu, right.’ Mum thought my Dutch friend was cute, though he was way too young for her. Still, I mustn’t tell Dad about it. We’re still not on speaking terms anyways. He hasn’t asked about Mr Bent’s health at all and I don’t think he really cares about it.
I put up some of the pictures on Facebook. You know, the pictures I took of Rotterdam. Central Station is missing in the pictures and I don’t know where it has gone. I thought I had taken two or three shots of it. There are a couple of other pictures missing, too. But there are some cool photos of this creepy dilapidated swimming pool. It looks like it came straight from a horror film. It was overgrown with plants and all. My friend said part of the pool is now used as a café, but he wasn’t sure, because even that café seems to be closed all the time.
The bad news is, school starts again this Monday and I am not really looking forward to it. I haven’t heard or seen Evelyn for over a week and I wonder if she has figured out that it was me who sent her that Valentine’s Day card. Maybe she still hasn’t. What if she has? What do I say to her? What will she say to me? Oh, bugger. I am really not good at these things. Wish they taught us these things in school as well. We’re about to have some fish ‘n’ chips and then I’m off to Mr Bent. Have a good evening and see me tomorrow. 


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