Harlem Shaking Monsters

04-03-2014 Tuesday


Is the flu in season? Maybe it’s just my body’s reaction to a healthier diet. On the other hand, if it is healthier, why would it make me ill? It doesn’t make sense. Well, that’s just life, isn’t it? Life just doesn’t make sense sometimes. Some people write that ‘shit’ down in a bathroom stall, others – like me – write these things down on a piece of paper to try to make some sense out of it all.
Today I’m staying home because it feels like my head is about to burst open and give birth to a thousand tiny monsters that are currently doing the Harlem Shake in my head. It’s giving me a throbbing headache and the noise causes my ears to hurt like a place deep down below. I can’t say the name out loud at the moment, because Mum is here and she still is religious and does not want to hear anything about such a place for some reason.
Talking about Mum, she can be so sweet. She brought me tea and breakfast. I am not going to eat much, though, cause it might make it’s way back up again soon. Just a little bit, because Mum says that it will help the paracetamol kick in sooner, I think she is delusional. As if a pill will notice the presence of food and go like,’ Ah, food, it’s action time, gentlemen.’ I don’t think that’s the way these things work, but if Mum says so, you just accept it without arguing. I don’t want to be the snotty spotty teenager who thinks he knows better than adults and should thus be promoted president for the world would such a better place. Mum should feel lucky having me as a kid.
Maybe I’ll post some more things later as I might get bored. Have a nice day everybody. See me later. 


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