I Could Be Hip

04-03-2014 Tuesday evening

If flu is all the rage at the moment, I am one of the hip people. I’d probably be one of the coolest around, because I’m that ill. If it’s not, than I’m just the same old never-get-the-fad-right kind of guy. While I am lying here in my bed the world is just passing me by outside my window while I am thinking,’ I should not have slept so much.’ Some people never seem to run out of sleep, I think I have just run out of mine. It’s just that I don’t feel well enough to get out of bed and go for a nice little walk with the dog. The minute I get up my world starts spinning.
Mum has been great today. She really took care of me this time. She brought me tea and biscuits, practically the only food that my stomach agreed with. Mum took my temperature and she made a nice hot-water bottle for me to keep me warm when I was cold. At one point she even asked me if I wanted her to read me a story. That’s when I told her I wasn’t five anymore, but that I would be glad if she did. Just as long as she didn’t make a habit out of it. I think she really missed the little boy she once had. We kids grow up so quickly, don’t we!? Mum and Dad are vast asleep at the moment. I don’t think Mum would appreciate it if I woke them up so she could read me another story.
When Dad came home he checked up on me. Well, he stuck his head round the door to see if I was sleeping and that’s more or less it. Since he made those nasty remarks about Mr Bent our relationship has really hit rock-bottom and this might just be his way of starting to say he’s sorry. It’s hard for people to admit they were wrong and say sorry, Dad would sooner die than to say he’s sorry. Maybe it’s his line of business, although I have no idea what business that would be. It’s even very likely that Mum sent him upstairs to check up on me.
It’s amazing how humans have found ways to prevent or cure diseases like: the plague, consumption, jaundice, etc. but a simple thing like the flu is impossible to cure. The doctors just say,’ Take some aspirins, drink lots of water, stay in bed for a week, and if it’s not gone in two weeks, come and see me again.’ Then when you come back in two weeks, they give you some stronger medication and say the same thing again. How’s that for a cure!?
Let’s see if I can catch some sleep again. I’ll probably wake up in the middle of the night and lie awake for at least an hour. Guess Mum won’t be there to bring me a nice hot cup of tea and I guess she won’t appreciate it when I stumble down the stairs to make one myself. I can already see the look on her face. Well, see me – atchoo – tomorrow. 


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