They Are Out There

05-03-2014 Wednesday

Seriously, they should kill the guy who invented ‘the flu’. If he’s dead already, serves him right! This stupid flu has been keeping me in bed for two days now and I don’t see any improvement. It feels like things are getting worse. My throat is sore and my body thinks I’ve been lifting weights for every muscle in my body hurts like (bad word). Mum’s been feeding me aspirins and I’ve been eating them as if they were sweets. I’ve had better treats than that.
Lying in my bed being ill made me wonder. What if the human brain is nothing more than a highly developed computer? Our computers are getting smarter and smarter by the day, maybe even by the minute. It could well be that somewhere in the (near?) future we develop a computer much like the human brain, right? I know, I know, we don’t even have hooverboards yet, but we’ve got robots and we’ve got memory cards the size of a pea that carry tons of data. It shouldn’t be too long before we have found the missing link between brains and computers.
Most computer viruses, if not all, are written by man. Computers don’t write their own viruses and they also don’t just pop up from out of nowhere. Sometimes these viruses are written by the people who also have shares in anti-virus software, sometimes they even own the entire anti-virus software and thus they make big money on this by selling that software. I wish I were that smart.
What I am saying is that maybe we are just highly developed computers and ‘the flu’ is a virus written by our ‘creators’ to make money. Aliens out there are making big bucks on ‘the flu’. It is quite logical that we won’t ever find a cure for the flu because as soon as we would find a cure somebody out there, in that vast and ever expanding universe, a green bug-eyed monster is making big bucks over our backs. He’s just rewriting the ‘flu’ programme every now and then to be able to sell updates on his software.

Or maybe this was just the fever talking. I’m going to get some sleep. See me later. Image


One thought on “They Are Out There

  1. Aw, feel better. But THIS, well THIS was another terrific posting. Rewriting the Flu program to sell updates on the software – – ha! I have to tell my pediatrician friends that. ps. Better drink lots.

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