06-03-2014 Thursday

Dear Friends,

Today no story about my life, but a word of thanks. My name is Arthur Didymus. But most of the times people at school (or out on the street, for that matter) just call me ‘Ey!’ I am a socially challenged 14-year old boy from Paddington, London. I live with my parents who might just love me, but have a weird way of showing it sometimes. My dog Cheddar is better at showing his love; wagging its tail as soon as I open my door. True, my parents don’t have a tail to wag, I’ll give them that.
I would like to thank you all for just being here (or there), reading my blogs, being my Facebook friend, talking to me and sometimes even complimenting me on my writings. Sometimes I am just lost for words and it takes me an hour to write a simple reply of just a couple of sentences. I don’t really know how what way to thank you other than dedicating this blog to you. You’ve been very kind, supportive and helpful.
When I started using Facebook and writing this blog on 01-01-2014 I never expected to have any readers at all, let alone people that would react to my writings or accept my friend requests on Facebook. It was Grandma’s idea of getting me to mingle in the crowd, practise some social skills and make new friends. Grandma does not even own a computer herself. This is also more or less a thank you note to her, even though she won’t be able to read it here. I will print a copy for her. Thanks Grandma.
Should I ever have the chance to thank you personally, you bet your life I’d do that. Until that day I hope you’ll accept these words of thanks and I hope that you know that by reading my blogs, by accepting my friend requests on Facebook or sending me one, by commenting on my blogs, you made a big difference in a young boy’s life and that boy wishes you all the best in return. Thank you very much.

Kindest of regards,

Arthur Didymus


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  1. This is terrific! I have much more to say but want to do it when I am not rushed. Your Grandmother is a very wise woman. Your parents definitely love you, trust me. Cheddar is a cute name for a dog. I have a Lola. Animals keep people sane! Keep writing. YOU have tons of talent!

    • You sure know how to touch a boy’s heart. You have a Lola! Did you name her after the songs? You are right, animals do keep people sane. My dogs always listens to me when I talk about the things I did and Cheddar never ever gives a negative response. No matter what I tell her, she’ll always be there for me. I hope your Lola does the same for you.
      I’ll be reading you later. I have to rush, too, school awaits.

  2. That was beautiful :).. I too was socially awkward when I was your age and I still am at times.Don’t worry it is absolutely fine in being so, just that you will have to try to come out of your shell but one step at a time..

    • Dear Miss Tenshi,

      Thank you. I am glad there is hope for me. After having spent about 2 months on the Internet I have noticed that there are a lot more people like me out there, who have problems connecting. The Internet is a wonderful place to meet new people and to me my first little step outside my shell. If you have more tips, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Keep up your work as well.
      Kind regards,


  3. Arthur – You are a very kind hearted young man. Your parents love you. Cheddar’s love will get you through so much. Keep up the brilliant work in writing. I can’t wait to read more.

  4. Arthur , wow I am impressed! I wish I could write like you. Socializing can be challenging at times . Animals are awesome ….unconditional love…. I have a rescued guinea pig Twinky and a rescued hamster Tiger. I am looking forward in reading your blog and remember that your a special and very talented human being!

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