It’s Just A Phase

07-03-2014 Friday

Things are getting a bit awkward with Mrs Williams. When she saw me today she put her hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was feeling better and all. Now, I think it is very nice of people to ask me how I am doing, but I was quite uncomfortable with that hand on my shoulder and her staring at me like that. Like what? Like that? I can’t explain it, but it didn’t look normal. First she gives me ‘the wink’ then she puts her hand on my shoulder, then that look, who knows what’s next. I don’t think I would want to find out. I don’t think I even answered her question.
On a slightly more positive note, I think Evelyn and I are making good progress. Today she slipped me a note during class. I wouldn’t have minded if Evelyn had put her hand on my shoulder. The note was really sweet. It said she had missed me at school and asked me how I was doing. She even drew a nice flower on it. I didn’t dare to send anything back, because I was too afraid Mrs Williams would intercept it and read out loud to the class. That would have been the death of me. Instead I just smiled at Evelyn and nodded a little shyly.


During lunch I told her I was okay and asked her how she was doing. She said she was fine and we sat together at the same table. In silence of course, but at least we sat together. I think I even felt her hand touching mine at one point, but it could as well have been her lunch bag or something, because I wasn’t looking. When I felt it I turned my head round and stared straight into her big dark eyes. My stomach kept spinning round like a washing machine. I might have even turned red a little and I completely forgot to chew and swallow. I must have looked like a hamster. I’m just hoping Evelyn felt the same.
It is not easy for two socially awkward teenagers to have fallen in love with each other and I wonder if this could ever even work out. What would become of our children? They would probably never learn to talk. Maybe we should just adopt. Mum keeps saying,’ It’s just a phase, Arthur. This, too, shall pass.’ She said that about my social awkwardness, she said that about me wanting to go outside more often, and she’d probably say it about having fallen in love with Evelyn. If it’s just a phase, I’d like it to last forever.  

 See me tomorrow. 


9 thoughts on “It’s Just A Phase

  1. Dear Arthur! Another winning post from you! A hamster!! – – you have the cutest descriptions. I took the liberty of passing on how talented I think your writing is to a blogging group and also to many of my Facebook friends – – so do not be surprised if people (some individuals do think I’m worth listening to!) start to send you friend requests on FB or follow your blog here. If you’re not comfortable accepting Friend requests on FB from people you do not know, I completely understand. But I wanted to let you know that my group of friends are all really wonderful people, I personally vouch for them.

    Also about silence. It is a sign that people are comfortable with each other when they can just sit and let it be. Have you ever noticed how nervous and ill-at-ease people will start to chatter on about nothing at all just to fill what they perceive as an awkward silence? I think this is a good sign that you and Evelyn enjoy the tranquility together. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Dear Little Miss Menopause ( I am not sure whether I can call you by your first name),

      When I got home from a visit to Mr Bent I was overwhelmed by the reactions I had got from your friends. You have the nicest of friends and they said the sweetest things. I really don’t know what to say or how to thank you. If I ever become rich and famous I’ll come and visit you and thank you personally.
      I think you are right about that silence and I hadn’t thought about it that way. Most people I know are not comfortable with silences and they just start talking about things that nobody really cares about (like the weather or something).
      Kindest of regards,


  2. That was very nice to see that sweet note. It is sometimes those little things that add so much to life. Your mother is right it can be just a phase. You are right too, we get to choose often which phases we can linger in for a while. Cheers to you Arthur have a blessed week.

    • Dear dr shapero,

      Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read my blog (which is now becoming more or less some sort of diary). I do so hope I get to linger in this phase for a long time, because it makes very happy.
      Have a very blessed week, too. Thank you once again.

  3. Incredibly sweet and so well-written. I’m a book coach and you write better than some of my clients! Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us. 🙂

    • Dear Rebecca ( I hope you don’t mind me using your first name),

      Thank you for your reaction. I am very curious as to what a book coach does. I had never heard of it before. Not that it means anything, because there are more things in life that I have never ever heard of than there are things that I have heard of.
      I believe it was Mr Bent, but I’m not sure, that said that I should write about things that I know of. The only thing I know a lot of is my own life. So, I decided to start writing about that. I must say that it feels great to some things off of my chest.
      Kindest of regards,


      • A book coach is someone who helps aspiring writers become published authors. Sometimes I’m their writing teacher, sometimes I’m their editor, sometimes I’m their coach and sometimes I’m their consultant. There are a lot of steps to publishing a book and it can be overwhelming. So I guide people through the process. You’re doing great things with this blog and developing your voice as a writer. Keep going! I can’t wait to see how far you take it.

    • Dear Katie, thank you very much. I have, as you noticed, accepted your request, because I could always do with friendly people in my life. I’m about to read some of your blog now.
      Kind regards,


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