Party People

15-03-2014 Saturday

Grandma should buy a bigger house. She might just have to because I don’t think much is left standing after last night’s party. Some people might just be heading straight for a divorce and Grandma, if she remembers anything at all, will probably be heading for a nervous breakdown, unless she continues drinking for the rest of her life to calm her nerves and to forget more than she already does. All in all, as a spectator of the events, it was quite amusing up to a certain point, then things got out of hand and I guess the aftermath is about to start. I’ll have to keep it short, because Mum and I are about to go over to Grandma to have a look at the damage and to help clean up the mess.
When we arrived yesterday afternoon nothing was the matter. Mum, Dad, Grandma and I were getting things ready for the guests. First people arrived at four-ish. Slowly but steady more people arrived and I started wondering who they all were and whence they had come. There weren’t enough seats and there weren’t enough parking lots outside and we fell short of party hats, but I don’t think many people thought that was of a big concern. The only things there was plenty of were food and beverages (mostly alcoholic). For some reason people who drink a little don’t mind standing so much anymore. At least up to the point when they are to drunk to stand. In those cases any part of the floor would do just fine.
Mum had prepared soup, sandwiches, and a something that has a French name (I believe it had something to do with horses, but I’m not sure). Everybody was allowed to help themselves and I believe most of it was gone within ten minutes. I wonder if people even tasted what they were eating or whether they were just cramming it down their gullet without biting or chewing on anything. They looked like starving pigs in a sty who had just been given their first meal since weeks.
After dinner it was still mostly ‘beer and skittles’ as Dad remarked. Even though I didn’t know most of the people present they seemed to know each other. While we were in  the kitchen pouring drinks and making new ‘horse-things’ Mum said most of the people present were friends of Grandma’s and she didn’t know them either. As a matter of fact Mum didn’t know Grandma had so many friends. Then Grandma walked in and said to Mum,
’ Did you invite all these people?’
Mum looked a bit puzzled and said,’ Why?’
‘ Who are they!?’
Mum just stared at Grandma for a minute and said,
‘ Really mother? You have no idea who they are and why they are here?’
Sure, sure, it’s my birthday. But I don’t know more than half of the lot. Did you invite them over?’
Mum just shook her head and went on with her business. We didn’t really bother to go into it any further. Up till now we still have no idea where most of those people came from and we don’t think Grandma can tell us. Grandma had so much to drunk, she might even still be drunk when we get there.
I will have to finish this tonight, because Mum is calling me. There’s a lot of cleaning up to do and I guess the insurance company will be hearing from us, too.

See me later. 

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