Take Me To Your Leader

01-04-2014 Tuesday

Just to be on the safe side today I taped my shoelaces together. Those ‘jokers’ at school are far from original and wouldn’t know a joke if they actually heard one. Mr Owen tried to be funny again by doing the best he could to convince everybody he was from another planet. He had gone to great lengths to make his story believable. For instance, he showed us a map of the Universe and his home planet. Anytwat could see that he was actually pointing at a star. Then he started talking in his mother tongue. Excuse me, but quoting some Klingon from the Star Trek films does not fool me. It only works for those who have not seen the films. I pity those fools.
At the end of the lesson Franz walked up to Mr Owen and asked,’ Ven you go back tzo your planet, could you zake me wiz you?’ If there was anybody in that classroom who was really from another planet, it had to be Franz. He’s really got a language and a world of his own. Mr Owen said that he couldn’t possibly take Franz with him even if he wanted to. They’d kill Franz the minute they’d see him and then they’d eat him. Human flesh is a delicacy on Mr Owen’s home planet. Over there us humans are much like what caviar is over here, but much tastier. Then Mr Owen started telling Franz how they prepared human flesh and I believe that’s when poor Franz started to throw up. I think Mr Owen is going to get into trouble for this.
Peter – I think every self-respecting British school should have at least one Peter – came to school dressed as a girl and nobody recognized him (her?). Mrs Hoover was in on it and introduced this ‘new’ student as Shirley. Now that was a good joke. Peter really looked like a girl and everybody really thought she was our new classmate. I heard that Yorick tried flirting with her. Yorick is one of the tough guys who instantly became the laughing stock of the class. He wasn’t so tough anymore then. I think Peter is going to be a real Shirley one day, and I think he knows it, too. To the others this was a joke, but I think to Peter this was quite serious. I think it looked good on him.
I’ve already spent a lot of time playing the guitar. It isn’t as easy as some of those guitarists make it look. After half an hour my fingers start to get sore and it feels like I am getting blisters on my fingers. I have to take a rest after half an hour. How can those guys and play and sing at the same time! I’m having a hard time just playing a chord. Also, my fingers are quite chubby which makes it difficult to get them in the right position. This is going to take a lot of practise. Time is on my side; I’m young and I’ve got no particular place to go.

As I am really tired so I’m going to keep it short. See me tomorrow. 


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