As Versatile As I Blog

Another day, another nomination. Well, actually two. Then again, it’s just one. It’s a nomination for the same award but by two different people. I am so thrilled. Lydia Devadson ( nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award as well as Christine ( A big ‘thank you’ to these ladies. Check out their blogs and follow them everywhere. They’ll inspire you, that’s a promise.
For some reason these nominations require more writings. This one asks of me to write seven random things about myself. So, just to make sure it was really random, I threw my life into a top hat and drew seven ‘random’ events out of it. Here they are in no particular order (even the order is random, how amazing is that … I’m thinking of changing the name of the blog into The Amazing Arthur).

Random Event Nr 1: The Cat
A historic event in the life of Arthur was the day that we didn’t get a cat. I came downstairs from my room and Mum and Dad were sitting at the dinner table. They looked at me and Dad said in a very severe voice,’ Arthur, sit down, Mum and I have something to tell you.’ So, I sat down, looked at them (I tried my best to mimic their facial expressions, but in vain) and asked them what it was they wanted to tell me,’ Arthur, Mum and I have decided not to get a cat.’ I didn’t even know they were thinking of getting one, so I said,’ That’s great Dad, I’m really glad we had this talk.’

Random Event Nr 2: John Cleese
It’s always nice to meet famous people, isn’t it? You could ask them for their autograph or maybe to take a picture with you. I think I’ve never heard anybody say something like,’ I met John Cleese the other day and I asked him his views on fighting poverty in Africa by sending food instead of building schools’. It’s always the same questions,’ Can I have your autograph?’ and ‘Could you sign this for me?’ Some time ago John Cleese had the opportunity to meet me in person because I sent him an invitation to my ‘meet and greet’. He didn’t show up.

Random Event Nr 3: The News
When I was five years old I got stuck in a lift while Mum and Dad were still outside. I could hear them screaming as I went up. I had pushed the ‘doors close’ button right after I had rushed in and then I pushed all the floors and I got stuck between third and fourth floor. It took two hours to free me, because the repairman was stuck in traffic. Outside Mum was going crazy. It never made the news.

Random Event Nr 4: Naked and Famous
Parents let small kids run around naked on the beach. I have no idea why it is that they do that. I found out the hard way that at a certain age people expect you to keep your swimming trunks on at all times. I believe I was six or seven years old and I came running out of the water towards Mum and Dad completely naked as my trunks were torn (it was my bad for not listening to Mum when she said I should have worn my new trunks and thrown away the old ones). For some reason people started averting their eyes and screaming things like,’ Put on your pants, weirdo!’ At what age does running around naked stop being cute? Definitely before you’ve turned 6.

Random Event Nr 5: Girls Don’t Like That
One day the family and I were at a very crowded restaurant. Well, you could hardly call it a restaurant (I’m not going to tell you the name, but it’s famous all over the world). I had to go to the toilet and I noticed a long queue in front of the ladies’ room. While I was doing my thing (in the men’s room) a woman walked in, unashamed, went into one of the stalls and started doing a nr 2 (we could all smell it). The next day I tried this at school: I walked into the ladies’ room and did a nr 2 and boy did the girls notice. Mum and Dad had to come to school to explain my ‘odd’ behaviour to the headmaster. Some things in life I just don’t understand.

Random Event Nr 6: The Doctor
Why is it that, when you go to a doctor as a kid, first thing they want you to do is strip yourself from all your clothes? They don’t even ask why you’re there, they just tell you to get behind the curtain and take off your clothes. It could make some people feel cheap. Anyways, when Mum took me to the doctor for no particular reason (just a small fever and some red spots over my body), I came prepared. I had stuffed my undies with two pairs of socks. It scared the shit out of Mum. The doctor nearly wanted to call the hospital. Note to self: the more educated people are, the less they can take a joke.

Random Event Nr 7:
This event does not come out of my top hat and is not very random. It’s also quite recent. Started blogging has really changed my life. Three months of blogging has taught me more about people than 10 years of British Education. There’s a world out there where anything is possible. I think Internet was what the bible meant with the land of milk and honey. Virtual milk and honey, but milk and honey nonetheless. There are some great people out there in the world who nominate you for awards, write about interesting things you don’t read in school books, who guide you, help you, advise you, and what have you. It feels like as if I’ve gained a family. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my dog’s bottom.

Here’s a list of people I nominate for this award, because they are totally wicked! 7 Random events, seven not so random people. Enjoy their blogs, I know I do.

Don Charisma

Simon Moesgaard

The Girl Who Speaks To Herself

The Gluestick Mum


Nat Andrea


And Last but not Least,

Ron Lewis

See me tomorrow



5 thoughts on “As Versatile As I Blog

  1. Dear Arthur

    That was as eloquent, charming and humorous as always. A very well-deserved award.

    Kind regards


  2. John Cleese is a fool. You are an absolute star, Arthur. Your humour and turn of phrase makes people look at me as if I’m weird as I chuckle along to your post.
    Thank you for my nomination. I shall be thinking up some random facts of my own and also checking out the others’ blogs.

  3. Hi Arthur! This just made my day. Thank you for accepting the nomination. I enjoyed reading through your life’s events. I even had a few chuckles, here and there. You’re very talented and I was honored to nominate you. Congratulations and good luck on your blog! I’m very excited to read more of you. 🙂

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