Big Phish

I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything yet about last yesterday and the day before. I was deadbeat after the BBQ so I went straight to bed. As soon as I get back from school, I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime here are some lyrics I wrote during Unice’s party. I was very inspired by the way the Goldfish looked at the salmon on the BBQ.


Big Phish

Calling calling calling
But your calling is in vain
You’re too big for your bowl
And it’s driving you insane
Water’s getting thicker
There’s no one to hear you cry
Cause little fish are forgotten
When there’s bigger fish to fry

There’s bigger fish to fry tonight

Pouring pouring pouring
How you’d love to see the rain
Wishing you were out there
Having nothing to complain
Staring at your castle
Silly thoughts just pass you by
If you were a salmon
You’d be the bigger fish to fry

There’s bigger fish to fry tonight

Crying crying crying
How you’re dying for some love
Prayers to the Lord
The Big Phish up above
Flushing of the toilet
You didn’t know that fish could fly
The bowl you left is empty
Now you’ve bigger fish to fry

There’s bigger fish to fry tonight


See me this afternoon.


Sometimes I have no idea where my head it. I had set my alarm clock this morning and got ready to go to school, posted the above went downstairs and that’s when Mum looked at me and said,’ Why are dressed for school?’ It’s HOLIDAY!  On the upside, as I was up and ready she took me shopping. A couple of new shirts, some new shoes and the best bit … I’m down one size! I only I would grow in length a little.



12 thoughts on “Big Phish

    • Dear Gluestickmum (Can’t I just call you mum?)
      Yes, I am … and I wish I hadn’t forgotten about this when I was posting this piece this morning at 6.30 -ish. I went downstairs, totally ready for school …

      • Oh no! That’s the sort of thing I would do. I once got up in a blind panic, convinced I’d not heard the alarm and overslept, got dressed and ready to fly out the door…then realised I hadn’t heard the alarm as it was only 5.30am! The sun really shouldn’t be that bright that early in the morning!
        Of course you can call me mum, although it gives me permission to nag you and worry about you. 😉

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