A Lady Just Like You

26-04-2014 Saturday

The days are just packed with things. Yesterday we went to Cambridge again. It had been about a month and a half since we last visited my Aunty D. and Dad thought it was about time to go visit her again. I totally agreed with him, because both Auntie D. and Cambridge are well worth it. I don’t know if you remember anything about her, but she’s terrific. She knows everything about Cambridge, she can cook like no other and she’s got a lovely cat called Mew (not Ivor). When we took Cheddar to Grandma Mum thought it would be a great idea to bring Grandma and the dog, but Dad and I both yelled ‘veto’ in chorus and we left. Not that we didn’t want to bring Cheddar.
The car broke down on Friday and dad brought it to the garage to get it repaired, so we went to Cambridge by train. Aunty D. was waiting for us outside the station. You can’t really miss or overlook her. She’s got quite long silver grey hair, a walking cane – because there’s something wrong with her hip – and a big smile on her face telling you that whatever happens to you in life that, too, shall pass. She was waving at us with her brolly that she always takes just in case and she was dressed for winter with a white scarf and a long black coat.
She took us on another Cambridge tour. The best bit this time was The Haunted Bookshop. This little shop is hidden away in a narrow street – Cambridge is full of narrow streets. On the outside the shop is red and white and doesn’t look very haunted to me. The window shop is full of old and expensive books. Most of the time the older the book the more expensive it was. As if paying a pound for each year that the book has survived. On the inside you could smell the old books and it started to feel a little haunted, too.
It’s a very, very small shop filled with hundreds maybe thousands of old books. They even managed to cram in some stairs and the stairs were also full of books. We didn’t go up the stairs, as Mum’s not very good in dealing with tight spots. Some would call it an irrational fear, but with Mum it’s quite rational as she could easily have gotten stuck on her way up. The stairs were too narrow and/ or Mum was too wide. Dad was being a little mean when he said he wanted to put up a sign on her behind saying,’ Caution, Heavy Load’. Mum said Dad was going to go to hell for this remark. They’re such a lovely couple.
The story with this bookshop is that it’s supposed to be haunted by a ‘white lady’ who’s seen walking up and down the stairs every now and again. She’s accompanied by the smell of violets. Should she pass you on the stairs, you’ll smell of violets all day. The only trouble is that, if you see her, someone very close to you (often a relative) is about to die. Even though I’d love to see a real ghost one day, I’d rather not bump into her. It’s said that the shop used to be a pub and she was looking for her husband (when she was still alive) who was probably cheating on her … again.
I’m going to continue my story tonight. There’s lots more things to say as we stayed in Cambridge overnight (that’s why I couldn’t post anything last night). We returned home early this morning and picked up Cheddar at Grandma’s. On the train back I wrote this about the bookshop:

The Haunted Bookshop

A lady just like you
Who does not know what to do
You’re dressed in white and smell of violets
You’re so easy to see through

I’ve seen ghosts do just like you
What’s a ghost supposed to do?

You were looking for your man who had been cheating on you again

Walking down the stairs
With those violets in your hair
The shop’s filled with your presence
Giving customers a scare

I’ve seen ghosts do just like you
What’s a ghost supposed to do?

You were looking for your man who had been cheating on you again

All is well at dead of night
This is what they said
All the ghosts and all the sprites
They’re only in your head

So many a book to read
You’ve seen thousands come and go
While you scare the living daylights
Out of those who do not know

I’ve seen ghosts do just like you
What’s a ghost supposed to do? 

You were looking for your man who had been cheating on you again

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