Punters Punting

26-04-2014 Saturday again


Haunted Bookshop

Here’s a picture of the haunted bookshop that Auntie D. took some time ago. 

Walking around Cambridge with Auntie D. is a true learning experience. Somewhere in the centre of Cambridge there’s a marketplace where they sell great food and lots of gadgets and bric-a-bracs. I had an Ostrich Burger for the first time in my life (maybe even the last, I dunno) and it was great. I never even knew they used those animals for burgers and there I was. After Dad’s snide remark Mum had a salad … and an Ostrich Burger. Dad settled for just a salad, because Mum ate his burger.
Do you know what punting is? I’ll try my best to explain. In Cambridge they have these flat boats that have to be pushed forward with a very long stick. There is a rocky path at the bottom of the river and you can push yourself forward with the stick on those rocks. If you go to much to the sides with your boat your pole will get stuck in the mud. Whatever you do, don’t hold on to it! Let it go. If you keep holding on to it you will fall into the water for sure. Auntie D. said there are two kinds of punters: those who have fallen in, and those who are going to fall in. Everybody falls into the water at least once.
You can rent these boats (they’re quite expensive) and punt yourself or you can hire an experienced punter who will then tell you something about the buildings along the way, too. Auntie D. said that you most of these punters don’t tell you the truth. They didn’t study for it. If you want to hear factual stories about Cambridge, you should hire yourself a real tour guide at the tourist information office. True, you won’t have the punting experience, but at least you won’t be misinformed on some of Cambridge’s history.
We ate Sushi in the evening; there’s a first time for everything. This was my first real sushi experience and eating with chopsticks is a true form of art. One that none of my family members has managed to master. Auntie D. was really good at it. I cheated and used a fork and knife. All these plates on a conveyor belt pass you by, and you get to choose what you want. The colours of the plates indicate how expensive the stuff was. I pretended to be colour blind.
The food was great, Auntie D. was terrific, Mum and Dad could have been nicer to each other, the cat scratched my arm (but not on purpose) and Cambridge was as lovely – and maybe even lovelier – as last time. That’s it, I’m off to bed. Good night. See me tomorrow. 


Auntie D.

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