The Good Pastafarian Eats His Pasta

01-05-2014 Thursday (but posted on Sunday due to a lot circumstances)

I was feeling a little better, but Mum was ill so we were kind of taking care of each other yesterday. She had been throwing up all night and feeling pretty lousy. I was taking care of some household chores for her like cleaning the bathroom a little and doing the dishes and all that. And in the afternoon, when she felt a little better, we both prepared dinner, though we didn’t really feel like eating anything of the stuff we were making. We figured Dad would probably eat most of it. When he came home he’d already eaten at work, so we were stuck with some pasta something something that nobody wanted. Mum put it in the fridge for rainy days (sorry, dear Spaghetti Monster, I hope this isn’t a sin). I have no idea why pasta is only good when it rains.
After Dad got home he took care of Mum. This means she got to lie down on the couch and he sat in front of the telly watching a film and whenever she needed a drink or something, he’d get it. Mum’s not the kind of person to take any medications. She believes in vitamins, prayers, and the love of the family. Sometimes I believe that a little extra help from outside can’t hurt, but Mum thinks differently. She says those pills are full of (bad word). I don’t know whether that it’s true, but for some reason headaches don’t disappear after having eaten an orange, but they do leave after an aspirin or two.
Mum and Dad sometimes have arguments over this. Especially when it’s me who’s ill. I am not 18 and therefore not entitled to have an own opinion on this. They fight over these things and then they share the outcome with me. As if I hadn’t been able to hear them shout and scream (in any particular order) down stairs. Most of the times Dad comes up with an orange or a banana that has an aspirin hidden in it and he gives me a wink. Basically this means Dad always loses these arguments and I feel kind of sorry for him.
I wonder if I’m a grownup I’ll have the same arguments with my wife. So far Evelyn and I haven’t argued a lot. I asked her not to come and visit me while I was ill. First of all I didn’t want her to get ill, too. Secondly, I look really awful when I’m ill (like the dead warmed up) and I don’t want her to see me that way in this early stage of our relationship. On the upside, I’m going over to her place as soon as I am better. Her parents have asked me to come and have dinner with them.
Hopefully you lot out there are not feeling ill. Luckily for you flu can’t travel on the digital highway and you’re safe when it comes to my germs. If anybody knows a good alternative remedy for stomach bugs, please contact Mum. If anybody knows a good reason to not use the alternative remedy but to rely on modern medication, contact Dad. If anybody knows a good marriage counsellor, let me know, I sometimes fear that these things will get out of hand one day. See me tomorrow.


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