Meet The Flintstones

07-05-2014 Wednesday

It’s been a couple of weeks now and there are still no sign of any gum-trees. There are a lot of signs of chewing gum, though, so half of my plan is working. I might just write another letter as a little reminder. You know how these things go, they tell you one thing and do the other, then they start confusing everybody by mixing up various plans and then they postpone everything until the day everyone has completely forgotten the whole idea or has gotten sick of all the kerfuffle. Often they then suddenly introduce the whole plan as if it’s their own idea and they take all the credit for it. That’s not going to happen this time, no siree, or my name isn’t Arthur D.
Yesterday I mentioned this Fountain of Youth and today I figured that, though a lot of people out there (for some reason I have a feeling it’s mainly women) would give their left arm for this Fountain of Youth – though not really, because then they’d be dying for a Fountain of Left Arms. I think the world would be better off with a Fountain of Wisdom. I think that would solve a lot more problems than a Fountain of Youth. If you had a Fountain of Wisdom and bathe it, you’d also immediately understand why a Fountain of Youth would be a silly idea.
Then again, I don’t think many people would want a Fountain of Wisdom let alone use it. Look at a lot of the kids at my school, for example; they probably couldn’t care less. There they are, walking around in the fountain of intelligence (a.k.a. school) and what do they do with it? They complain about the water not being the right temperature, it’s also not the right shade of blue, and where are the bubbles? Knowledge up for grabs and they just leave it lying there; they don’t pick it up. They don’t even want to be in the fountain.
Did you ever notice that a lot of pupils sneeze during tests or have a runny nose? I think, and this is just my little theory that I have just come up with whilst writing this, I think some of us are getting allergic to knowledge. That is why there are always a couple of kids snorting and sneezing during tests. They don’t have the flu, they’re allergic to things that might just make them intelligent or look intelligent. Imagine what would happen to this world if people were really allergic to anything resembling intelligence. We’d be back in the stone-age days. I’d better start watching The Flintstones. See me tomorrow. 


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