Scotty Beam Me Up

08-05-2014 Thursday

Some people should wear signs like ‘Hazardous To Your Health’ or ‘Stand Clear’. I’ve got one of those people in class and his name is Scotty. Scotty is either causing accidents or he is in one. It is for that very reason that I usually stay away from him and we don’t hang about much together. He’s got his own group of friends and they all seem to be having the same problems, that is, they are all more or less accident-prone.
We were doing a science thing together today and he nearly burnt my eyebrows, then he nearly broke the microscope, please don’t ask me how he did it. Those things are heavy as heavy can be and he managed to somehow slide it off of the table. Oops, I forgot to, the only reason the microscope did not break, was because it landed on Scotty’s foot. He screamed like a one of those girls in films do when they see a mouse (I’ve never actually seen girls go mad like in the films when seeing a mouse). He was taken to the hospital and later I heard that he had broken some bone or bones in his foot. I feel sorry for him, yet I am soooo glad he didn’t drop that thing on my foot.
After he Scotty had left I was finally able to do all the exercises without having to watch my every step. Too bad time was up. The teacher said that, if I wanted to, I could come and do the experiments after school together with him. That’s when I kind of panicked and freaked out. I tried my best not to show, but I don’t think I got away with it. Franz said I pulled a face as if somebody had just shoved a lemon into my mouth while I was expecting strawberries. I have no idea what he meant.
These science experiments are basically the only fun part of the entire subject. It’s the only time I get to play with fire without anybody telling me I shouldn’t be playing with fire. Au contraire, there’s a teacher who is even encouraging us to use it and experiment with it. All the theoretical stuff is a bit dry and dull and I feel like our teacher is really leaving out all the good bits in his lessons. I have got this book at home called ‘How To Destroy The Universe’ and that is full of the fun things in science (and physics), but does our teacher use that!? No! His stories they bore us to tears! And I am especially fed up with that Periodic Table of the Elements he’s always reciting; BORING! Am I the only one who finds that table particularly dull?
I wish we did more experiments, unfortunately we don’t. Sometimes we go into the lab and then it’s just the teacher doing the experiment, we only get to watch and listen because the experiment might be too dangerous. With somebody like Scotty around even a walk through the park is dangerous. He is the guy who managed to break his arm during a fishing tournament (his dad and he are really into fishing). Pray how do you do that? How heavy must that fish have been? I bet you that he’d even sprain his wrist during a chess match. Enough about Scotty, I hope he’ll get well soon, but stay out of my way for the rest of my school career. See me tomorrow.  


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