Towel Day

25-05-2014 Sunday – towel day

Weekend came and passed me by without a warning. I locked myself up inside my room for two days to get some schoolwork done. Mum took care of the dog and I only came out of my room for the absolute necessary things like having a shower, eating, drinking and something with toilets. I tried to completely isolate myself from the outside world. Basically my only entertainment was Unice, as I can see her house from my bedroom window when sitting at my desk. Let me tell you this, at one point I started looking forward to seeing her face popping up from behind her curtains. She even noticed me sometimes and I just smiled and waved.
Though Unice has given up looking out of the window every 15 minutes, she is still in the habit of looking outside every now and again. On average it’s two times every hour and she still has a system. As I locked myself up for two days, I noticed that she does it at the exact same time each day. This woman must have a schedule on her fridge. I even suspect her of setting an alarm clock to tell her it’s time to check up on the neighbours. It’s actually kind of creepy. I’ll probably be spending a lot of time behind my desk coming weeks. I have been thinking of good ways of messing about with her a little, but something I can’t really into any trouble for; something totally and completely harmless but still a little annoying. You know, like putting the volume of the stereo up a bit just so that it’s annoying, but not really something anybody can complain about, but in this case it had nothing to do with stereos.
By the way, for those of you out there who don’t know the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (you should be ashamed of yourselves!); today was towel day to commemorate Douglas Adams. I sat on my towel all day. Douglas was right, I guess, towels are useful things and one can never go without one. Actually, one should never leave home without it. Maybe I’m going to take a towel to school tomorrow and carry it around in plain sight; this will probably confuse a lot of people.
So, I decided to mess with her a little and as it was towel day and I was sitting on my towel the first thing I did was wrap the towel I was sitting on, on my head as if I had just come out of the shower and I wrapped larger towel loosely around me covering my clothes and holding it up with one hand. When it was time for her to look out of her window I was standing in front of mine holding up that towel with my hand. When she looked up and noticed me I waved at her with the hand holding my towel. You should have seen her face as the towel dropped to the floor and she had expected to see me in the altogether. She was not amused. I was.
Her biggest problem is that she can’t complain to Mum about it. If she were to come over and complain Mum would surely ask Unice what she’s looking at my window for. I hope to think of more of these little things this week just to brighten up my day a little. By the way, has anybody got any holiday plans? I am still waiting for Mum and Dad to come up with some good plans. I would love to go abroad and preferably without Grandma. Last year we took Grandma with us on holiday to France. A week in France with Grandma is not funny. Especially when she thinks she can speak French while actually all she does is just speak English with a French accent. At one point Dad asked the girl at the reception (who spoke a little bit of English) to answer Grandma’s questions in French with an English accent. I wish I had had a camera then.

Anyways. Time to go. See me tomorrow. 

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