Flying Saucers

17-07-2014 Thursday

I am awfully sorry. Mike told me people were concerned about me and that you were wondering how I was doing. It made me cry and I have been crying a lot lately, which is also one of the reasons why you haven’t been seeing me around for some time. The crying bit and the fact that I can’t work on the old machine Grandma has lying about and which she thinks of as a computer. It runs on a programme called MS Dos and I can’t seem to figure out just how it works. Grandma has no Internet provider (at least not that she knows of), which doesn’t really matter as this machine wouldn’t be able to connect to any Internet even we wanted to. I think the machine should be exhibited in a museum. Grandma might well be exhibited along with it holding a sign saying ‘Last Of The Dinosaurs’.
Mike has been so kind to post something on my behalf and I am glad he did. At this moment I am at Mr Bent’s house using his brand new computer. At least, it’s brand new to him, but it’s a second hand computer that he got really cheap. I think he got it cheap because it’s still running windows 2000. Which was also the last year this computer was used before Mr Bent started using it. It’s quite obvious that both Grandma and Mr Bent were born before the computer era and have never really succumbed to modern life. I ran to Mr Bent’s place today after hearing about how concerned people were. It really made me happy and I am sorry I haven’t been able to contact any of you.
If you read Mike’s post you’ll know that my parents are getting a divorce. After Evelyn and I broke up it felt like a lot was in the air, but it wasn’t love, most of the time it was plates, vases, glasses and other breakable stuff and, for a change, I was not the one breaking them. Mum and Dad were fighting most of the time and throwing these things at walls, floors and sometimes each other (no one got hurt, luckily). At one point Mum just couldn’t take it anymore and went to Grandma’s. After a week, just when I thought she’d be coming back because no one can stay longer at Grandma’s than that, I decided to join her. This really says something about the way things were at ‘home’. When living at Grandma’s seems better than living at ‘home’, something must be awfully wrong. It was and still is.
Dad is a workaholic, which might be just as bad as being an alcoholic, the alcoholic he might well become one day sooner or later the way he’s been drinking of late. Dad was gone most of the time and got home late from ‘work’. I am still wondering which boss lets you drink so heavily on the job as he usually came home smelling of cheap whiskey and cigarettes. I had to take care of everything in the house, while trying to finish the last days of school. When Dad was at home he was usually in no condition to take care much of anything, not even himself.
Right in the middle of writing that piece Mike posted yesterday Dad came home drunk again and started shouting and screaming incomprehensible things. I really couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. I had never heard so many curse words come out of anybody’s mouth, not even Mr Bent’s. My vocabulary has grown a lot since Mum and Dad have been fighting, though I don’t think my teachers are going to be pleased when I use any of these words at school. I shall refrain from using them till I find a suitable time and place.
Mr Bent has just entered the room with a nice hot cup of my favourite tea. I am awfully sorry to not have posted anything for such a long time and I will ask Mr Bent if it is okay if I pop in every now and again to post something. I miss you. I miss you a lot. I miss writing. I miss my house. I miss a lot. I think it might just help me to get through this not so pleasant phase of my life writing about, but I am in no condition to write. I’d rather write when I am in a better mood. I guess this is also part of life. Thank you very much for your concern and I hope I can talk to you soon. And please, feel free to add Mike on facebook. He’s visiting me next week and I am sure you’ll love him as much as I do.

Kindest of regards,

Arthur Didymus

Letter To Arthur’s Friends

Dear Arthur’s Friends,

My name is Mike and I am posting this on behalf of Arthur. I helped Arthur out writing his book and he always sent his writings to me to proofread them. Here’s the last bit he wrote on 16 June 2015. It’s all I have at this very moment. I hope to be seeing him next week when I am visiting England. He has got some great friends here, I’ll tell him that. Here’s the last bit he wrote:

Anybody out there willing to take care of a lovely little boy and his dog for a week or two, maybe longer, depending on how this situation develops. Mum and Dad had been fighting for a week over whether there was going to be a cat or not. I said that maybe we should start out with half a cat and see how it goes. But they didn’t really want to listen to my ideas. Even dressing up Cheddar as a cat wasn’t an idea worth listening to. I even offered to design the outfit myself to save costs. Mum has been staying at Grandma’s place since yesterday. She’ll be back soon; nobody can live at Grandma’s for more than a week.

I am very sorry, but this is the last bit of writing he sent me. Hopefully, he’ll be posting again soon. I know he misses you and he misses being able to write as it was more or less the only thing he had going for him. On the upside, his book has been proofread by me and a friend of mine and we both laughed our heads off. I sure hope it’s going to be published one day, but that’s all up to Arhtur, I guess. Thank you very much for your concern and I hope he’ll be contacting you personally very soon.

Kind regards,

Mike Michels – on behalf of Arthur.