Letter To Arthur’s Friends

Dear Arthur’s Friends,

My name is Mike and I am posting this on behalf of Arthur. I helped Arthur out writing his book and he always sent his writings to me to proofread them. Here’s the last bit he wrote on 16 June 2015. It’s all I have at this very moment. I hope to be seeing him next week when I am visiting England. He has got some great friends here, I’ll tell him that. Here’s the last bit he wrote:

Anybody out there willing to take care of a lovely little boy and his dog for a week or two, maybe longer, depending on how this situation develops. Mum and Dad had been fighting for a week over whether there was going to be a cat or not. I said that maybe we should start out with half a cat and see how it goes. But they didn’t really want to listen to my ideas. Even dressing up Cheddar as a cat wasn’t an idea worth listening to. I even offered to design the outfit myself to save costs. Mum has been staying at Grandma’s place since yesterday. She’ll be back soon; nobody can live at Grandma’s for more than a week.

I am very sorry, but this is the last bit of writing he sent me. Hopefully, he’ll be posting again soon. I know he misses you and he misses being able to write as it was more or less the only thing he had going for him. On the upside, his book has been proofread by me and a friend of mine and we both laughed our heads off. I sure hope it’s going to be published one day, but that’s all up to Arhtur, I guess. Thank you very much for your concern and I hope he’ll be contacting you personally very soon.

Kind regards,

Mike Michels – on behalf of Arthur.

7 thoughts on “Letter To Arthur’s Friends

  1. Please pass on to Arthur that I am very much interested in pursuing the collaborative writing we spoke of. Please also tell him that he is sorely missed by many and that I am hoping his situation rights itself very soon.

    • Dear Stephanie, I’ve got a minute left. I miss you… a lot. I hope we can still do the writing thing, although most of my writing will have to be done the old fashioned way at the moment. What will our first topic be? Hope you are doing fine! And hope the kids are alright, too.
      Kindest of regards,


  2. Hello Mike, pleased to meet you. Thanks for the update on Arthur. I hope everything works out at home with his mom and dad. Do you have a blog of your own, Mike?

    • Dear Maggie,
      Thank you very much for the concern. It made me smile. Everything will turn out fine eventually (at least, that’s what Mr Bent says). Mike does not have a blog, but he does have a facebook page. I’m sure he’d love to have you as a friend. Hope you are doing fine. I’m about to drink some tea with Mr Bent. We’ll be in touch. Thank you ever so much!

      Kindest of regards,


  3. Hi, Arthur….how are things? Been waiting and waiting for a new story on here. Any chance at all we could hear from you?

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