Dear Friends of Arthur’s

I have got some very sad news for you. As some of you may know I looked up Arthur during the summer holidays. He had lost an awful lot of weight – on the upside, he now had the body he had always wanted to have – and was not very happy with his current situation. His Mum and he are living with his grandma and it is more or less back to the middle ages at her place. You may remember that the TV was ruined during one of grandma’s parties and she has no internet, neither does she have a very good computer.
Besides that, Arthur is not really in a writing mood. His parents are getting a divorce but for some reason this is taking an awful lot of time. His dad gets to stay in the house and Arthur and his mum get something else, but it’s not yet clear what it is they are getting. Arthur goes to school, comes back home and takes care of his mum and his grandma (the stories here just don’t do her justice, this woman is loopier than most roller coasters I have been on – and I’ve been on quite a few).
He was quite happy to see me and I was quite happy to see him. We spent some time at his favourite tea-shop (Yumchaa) which happens to be my favourite tea shop, too. If you’ve never been there, you should. Get the chocolate velvet cake, too, you will not regret it and come back for more. We walked round camden a bit and talked about his life and his future. This kid is going to go places, eventually, but it will take some time.
I am awfully sorry that I have to be the one to say this, but he’ll not be here for some time. How long is yet unclear, but he and I promise you that he’ll be back as soon as he can and (this is what he said) he’ll be better than ever.

As he was out, I took the liberty of reading some of your reactions to his work and they were simply heartwarming and I can honestly say that you are most likely the closest friends he has got and I think you are amazing people. Here’s a quote from one of my favourite films ‘You are okay in my book’. Two personal messages here:
Dear Katie, thank you very much for mentioning me in your blog, I really thought it was great and I hope to be reading more of you as I have added you on wordpress.
Dear Miss Menopause, I understand that you and Arthur had plans to write a book together. Could you please contact me about this on Facebook? Arthur is still looking forward to that and he said I might be of assistance.

Thank you everybody and kindest of regards,

Mike and Arthur


4 thoughts on “Dear Friends of Arthur’s

  1. Hi! I send Arthur positive light nightly. Please find me on Facebook since I cannot figure out how to find you. Stephanie Mark Lewis–and I can communicate my ideas re: a collaboration. Thanks for being a good friend to Arthur!

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