Orderly, Orderly!

01-10-2014 Wednesday

Maybe you are wondering what happened after Mum and I moved out and in. Which is a good question. First let me say that, even though Grandma is still alive and kicking – literally kicking the orderlies if they don’t do as she pleases – she has either improved her skills of taking the Mickey out of people or she really does suffer from a severe case of Alzheimer’s Disease. She is more in hospital than out of hospital, as her body’s giving up on her as well. Though this does not keep her from having fun as she is often seen being chased by orderlies because she managed to escape again in her nightdress and in her motorized cart. It’s amazing how a woman with Alzheimer’s disease, brittle bones and in her 90s can still outwit and outrace the young orderlies. I think she deserves some kind of medal for this.
Unfortunately the things I am about to tell you, I will have to tell you from memory as I have nothing written down and not many pictures of those times. Some of the things I tell you may therefore be blatant lies, but they are as close to the truth as you and I will ever get. I’m sure you’ll understand that it is impossible for me to account for each and every day and I’ll most likely skip parts as well or I may even contradict myself here and there, because … I just don’t remember everything. By the way … Mum, Dad and Grandma still have no clue that they are actually quite famous here on the Internet. Grandma thinks the Internet is the name of new shopping centre and she keeps on asking us when we’re taking her there and Mum says that all that modern technology is going to be the death of face to face communication and therefore she wants to have nothing to do with it.
We moved out of our house, left Dad to his own devices and moved into Grandma’s. As far as I remember Grandma was very happy with us moving in, except for the dog. They never got used to each other. Mum was happy we could live with Grandma, but not very happy about the entire situation, but would have loved to have had a place of her own. I had no clue what was going on and why everything was happening the way it was. I was kind of happy about the fact that we moved away from Unice, because she was really getting on my nerves. Somehow I suspected Dad from having an affair with her, I don’t know why and I hope I am wrong.
Dad and I grew apart as far as we hadn’t grown apart already before we left the house. Maybe we had never even grown towards each other in the first place. When Mum and I left the house he kept to himself much. Never once did I visit him for he never asked me to come and visit him. He wrote me a letter one day to try and tell me his side of the story. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Something about ‘the cat’ not being the reason but ‘the pussy’ was. When Mum saw the letter she tore it apart and threw it away before I was able to finish it. I guess she kind of knew what he meant and didn’t agree with it. That was the last contact we had. That it is for now. See me tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Orderly, Orderly!

    • Well, it’s not like I never saw her again, but – luckily for me – we weren’t and still aren’t living opposite one another anymore. Some new people have entered my life and I am sure there are one or two good replacements for Unice. Which is unfortunate for me as a person but good for the stories.

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