Just Deserts With Cream and a Cherry on Top

06-10-2014 Monday

That school year flew by like a summer vacation but different to that respect … I kind of liked summer vacations and still do. Evelyn and I broke up, she started messing around with a guy whom I believe was called Zack and she became quite the popular girl for a brief moment. It’s amazing how some people can change overnight and how some of us work very hard their entire life to make change happen; yet we stay the same no matter what. Evelyn started out the daft girl at the back of the class and ended up that hot chick everyone wanted to go out with (still rather daft, though). Don’t ask me how or why, I thought it was witchcraft.
Even though the situation was terrible I managed to get good marks on tests and to do well in school. I guess it was one of the few things I could do to keep my world sane. It had rules, it had routine, it had some sort of order and it was a safe haven. I wasn’t really being bullied, kids just let me be and I let them be. I could totally lose myself in books and schoolwork, because they made me forgot the troubles around me. Of course there were problems at school as well, but they were of a different order and – more importantly – not mine.
I remember Ms Williams, who used to be a Mrs but was having affair with Mr Owen and then became a Ms. After Ms Williams had got divorced they both more or less lost interest in one another. It wasn’t very long after that Mr Owen found another true love, namely Ms Quinten. She was the young perky math’s teacher who claimed to have a boyfriend nobody had ever seen. I guess we were right; she didn’t have one. Ms Williams and Ms Quinten hated each other to bits and their hatred could be felt throughout the entire building. Ms Williams soon started seeing this rich old man who always picked her up in his Chevrolet after school.
I don’t know if you have ever had the same thing at your school, but we sometimes had these 20-year olds waiting outside of the building on their mopeds or sometimes in a car and they would come to collect their so-called girlfriends. Imagine a row of 20-year olds with their crummy dirty and hazardous looking vehicles waiting for their much younger girlfriends and then somewhere amidst them this 80-year old bald dude in a Chevrolet wearing sunglasses and shiny false teeth. It was kind of pathetic. I don’t know which was more pathetic that sight or Mr Owen and Ms Quinten sneaking out the back door to avoid the Chevrolet Dude and his Barbie.
Like I said, that school year flew by and I managed to pass. Evelyn, however, failed that year. Her parents moved out of town, although I have no idea if there was a causal relationship between her not passing and them moving house. Zack was devastated for at least an entire day. It wasn’t the blackest day in his life, I’m sure, because he started dating Veronica the day after. I’d rather have had a million paper cuts a week than date a girl like Veronica. I know love is blind, but I guess it is also deaf and stupid. Pouring salt into those paper cuts would have hurts less than hearing Veronica’s nagging and irritating high-pitched voice. I guess some got their just deserts and some might still be waiting for them to be served.
That’s it. See me tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Just Deserts With Cream and a Cherry on Top

  1. Yep, you need to be doing this, Felix. I’m more convinced with every post. I’m wondering if you should actually stop writing on here and start getting it down on paper/computer to protect your work. You need to do some thinking on this and I think it’s time you had a talk with someone else who’s been down this route. What do you think?

    • Thank you very much. I don’t know what to say. I feel honoured and I guess you’re right. Maybe I should see if I could somehow get my life published. It’s very encouraging to hear this, though it might take me some time to find the right person to help me out. Until then, I’ll probably continue writing about my life here. You are a very very very kind person. Thank you.


  2. I am enjoying your stories, Felix. You have the ability to transport the reader “back to the day”.

    I wondered whatever happened to Evelyn… did you lose track of each other after she moved away?

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