Boxing Day

07-10-2014 Tuesday

All’s well if it ends well, right. School was over, I got to live to see another day and look forward to another school year, summer holiday started and I felt like Chuck Berry, as the both of us had no particular place to go. Grandma said she wanted to take Mum and me to France and Spain if we wanted to, but we couldn’t. Don’t ask me why, but ‘we just can’t,’ is what Mum kept saying, while I was looking at Grandma trying to pull a face that read,’ Please, take me!’ It made me feel like those moments in Phys. Ed. Where I was always one of those people who got picked last. At the start of your school career you pull that pick-me face all the time and then after a couple of lessons and depressions you just decide not to bother anymore and pull a long face instead.
When holiday started I had lost quite some weight. I don’t know if you remember this, but I started to watch what I was eating and work out a little in the evening. Not too much, just some press-ups and sit-ups and the likes, which was why I was still a little on the heavy side, but not fat anymore. It took me some time to be able to admit to the fact that I was just fat even though I kept saying that I was chubby. That is why I decided that, since we weren’t going to go anywhere anyways, I’d spend my summer holiday getting into shape so that during my last two years at school I’d not be the last one on the bench every time pulling one of them faces and getting mocked a little. Mum said I was crazy, Grandma said she’d be willing to train together with me and Cheddar had no clue what I was talking about but wagged its tail in agreement.
Rocky was a real inspiration in those days, and I must say, I think he still is a big inspiration. I begged Mum to let me take up boxing even though I wasn’t really the type for it. On the other hand, if I had to choose anything based on what type people think I am, I’d probably be fishing or collecting stamps. There’s nothing wrong with those hobbies, but it might take rather long to get into shape collecting stamps. Luckily Grandma was a big help when it came to pleading. She had no idea who Rocky was at first, but when I showed her some pictures of him in his boxing outfit, she started drooling, then she gave me a fiver for the posters. Mum gave in when Grandma started walking round in her underwear hitting lamps and eventually knocked out Mum by accident when she jumped in between Grandma and the antique lamp in hall.
The fact that Mum is still alive at this very moment and Grandma sometimes still walks around in her underwear hitting lamps and orderlies (and I believe she still keeps the posters some place), means that Mum wasn’t injured that bad. She didn’t even have to go to hospital. Grandma did feel guilty for a minute or two, until Mum regained consciousness. Mum made a deal with Grandma, she’d let me take up boxing as long as Grandma would start walking round the house wearing clothes and stop hitting everything. At least Grandma stopped hitting everything.
See me tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. Hah…a very fun interlude. And Felix, when you write this book, please end every chapter the same way you do here…”See me tomorrow.”

    • Haha, well, maybe I should just put all the blogs together and publish that. Well, maybe it could use some editing here and there, but on the whole, it might just work. The diary of the modern age. Thank you very much for believing in me.

      • Too bad I didn’t know you when you were younger, huh? Sounds like you could’ve used someone on your side back then. But it appears you have come out just fine. I too thought of putting all the blog posts into a book….just not sure people would pay for what they can get for free?

      • I don’t have that many readers on this blog and I guess there are many people out there who don’t have wordpress or haven’t read your stories, so why not give it a try? We could both give it a try. I think you should. And ‘yes’ I could have used somebody back then. Thank you.

      • Oh, you are an evil boy, Felix, turning this back on me! But I’m not giving up……you already have the story….you just need the right person to lead you. Oh, you really are so very sneaky trying to divert the attention another way! 🙂

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