Boredom Is The True Enemy*

10 – 10 – 2014
If I remember correctly a new school year was more important to us than New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Resolutions. Our resolutions were made at the end of August, when a new year of torment was about to commence. On the first day of school kids would be like ‘this is going to be MY year’. They’d have new notebooks and ring binders; new pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners and pencil cases and of course they’d all be according to the latest fad; new school uniforms, new school bags full of new ideals and resolutions that I knew were going to be lost in that same new bag amongst all the other stuff that they just seemed to cram in there with it. I have heard some people say that kids seems to be getting smaller and schoolbags seem to be getting bigger each and every year. If you’d ask me, I think they should do some serious research after this phenomenon.
That year I decided not to bother with those kind of resolutions and I just went to school with the same old junk in my bag as the year before. Which more or less meant that there was a pencil case with half eaten pens (yes, I chewed on them to fight boredom – the true enemy*), pencils and stubs; something that used to be a rubber, but was completely covered in ink so would probably leave more stains than you wanted to get rid of; notebooks with torn out pages that held last years … drawings, because I hardly ever wrote down anything; ring binders that were about to fall apart because I tried to stack much more in it than just pieces of paper. Tests that were marked and handed back found their way either into the ring binder, the schoolbag or the litter bin and there was not really another system for it than looking at the mark and deciding whether I wanted anybody to find out about it.
Diaries, they deserved a special treatment. Of course everybody wanted to have the best diary, whatever they meant by that I don’t know. Mine was usually the one that had the most comics in it and the one that has the most room to make my own drawings. Writing homework in a diary was optional and usually for the nerds. The fashionable people put fashionable stuff in there – ladies usually kept a little mirror hidden inside of it. I have no idea why some of those women wanted to their own faces so often. My guess is that a lot of those ladies would have looked a lot better without all that instant and temporary plastic surgery.
So, I forgot about all those new school year resolutions and decided to continue the way I had always done, just being Arthur, because that was what I was good at. I guess boxing had had one good side effect. I had learnt to accept who I was and what I stood for. I was that socially awkward guy at the back of the class that nobody really noticed and I liked it that way. There wasn’t a teacher who ever complained about me making silly drawings of them in my diary, simply because they never noticed. I had that power, the power of invisibility and I guess that was quite enviable.
Thanks for reading, see me tomorrow.

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