Short Break

Dear WordPress,

I am taking a short WordPress holiday so I can work on my book. An illustrator is busy making some sketches for me based on all my writings and the drawings I made and I hope to be able to post some of them soon. We might be meeting up either this week or next week to have a look at them. I am really excited about this and he is too.
At this very moment I am busy glueing all the fragments of my diary together with words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and chapters and this is taking an awful lot of my time and concentration. Coincidentally also the two things that I sometimes seem to be lacking. Some people want to solve the time problem by saying that they’d like a week of 8 days; three days of weekend and five days to work. I think that it wouldn’t solve anything, most people would just have an extra day to procrastinate. Besides, we’d probably get used to that extra day pretty soon and be wanting another extra day, because we seem to be lacking time. Maybe if we’d make it a six day week, with just one day of weekend, people would value time a little more. Some people think that time is money, I like to believe that time is life. Waste time, you waste life. I kind of like that thought. It might just make people think about what they do with their time more than when they believe that time is money.
As for concentration … I was told you can buy that in cans nowadays. It is said that there are certain cans filled with a liquid that is supposed to give you wings and all other sort of things. We are being sold dreams and promises in cans. The only people who really get to live those dreams a little are the ones who make all the money selling those liquid promises. I don’t really believe in that kind of concentration or energy. Even though I have no scientific proof and I don’t want to waste time looking for it. Any person in his right mind will understand that if it really does give you energy, a candle that burns twice as bright … burns only half as long.


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