it has been so long

Dear friends of the world,

It has been a very long time since I last visited this blog and had nearly forgotten about it until a dear friend of mine, who has been through one hell of a spiritual journey, started blogging and told me that I should go back to what I do best : blog. I guess my friend was right, although it took me some time and courage to actually do so. But here it is and here I am.

What can you expect?

Well, not too much, please, for I have been through hell and not quite back yet. My mental state has been bothering both me and my therapists, but they gave me some proton energy pills that seem to be doing what they should be doing. Not that I am cured or healed now, but at least I can get my mind to do stuff if God and my body allows me to do them, too.

About What?

I am going to post about my journey to Moscow a long long long long time ago. For after my adventures at secondary school which I poster about as both arthur and felix, I felt it was time totravel the world, discover new places, meet new people and find out who I really was. This is going to be some sort of travel log and I can tell you already that some of the stories are not going to be pleasant and rather unsuitable for youngsters.  I do so hope you will enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed experiencing them.

Furthermore, I hope everybody is doing fine. I would love to hear how you are doing. Post it in the comment section and you will surely get a reply. Can’t say anything about how often I will post, though,  but let this be a good beginning.

Kindest of regards,

Felix Bent

5 thoughts on “it has been so long

    • I have finished three chapters and after two months of brain-aches I am now halfway through chapter 4. The actual fun doesn’t start until chapter 5 or 6. How have you been doing?

      • Oh! Am very glad to hear about the book’s progress, unhappy though to hear of brain aches! Time for a break definitely! We’ve been busy settling in over here…..very chaotic as always! Thanks for asking.

      • I am also very pleased with the progress. Where exactly is … here? As I probably live in a completely different part of this nearly perfect sphere. Have you moved?

      • Felix, you have been gone too long! Yes, we had a job transfer to MD in 2013. After about 6 weeks there, we knew we had to get out. We finally got a xfer out of there and back to our home state but not in the area where our home was in 2014 (August). We were just settling in enjoying the beautiful fall and getting ready for our first winter in our rented townhouse when our home sold and about 2 weeks after that we ‘accidentally’ found a new home up here near Erie, Pennsylvania (USA). So it’s been an unexpected and eventful few months for us to say the least!

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