Here’s a little bit about me, because this is not a blog about you. As I know very little about you and a lot about myself I thought I would be better to make a blog about me and not you.

I used to be Arthur, but now I’m Felix.
I was only 14 years old, but now I’m 46.
I had a dog called Cheddar, now I have a parrot called Crackers.
I was addicted to Yumchaa tea and I was bit on the heavy side, some things never change.

The reason I started this WordPress blog is because I lack social skills and Grandma thought it would be a good idea to practice my social skills in an environment where people don’t know me and I don’t know the people. ‘That way’, she said, ‘you can’t really make a fool out of yourself and if you do, just leave and never return’. 

I am not looking for a girlfriend (or boyfriend for that matter) I am just here to make friends and improve my social skills and to have fun. Of course I am also here to write down the things that happen in my life.
So actually – and this is rather ego-centric – I am not writing this blog for others (although I do hope it will put a smile to people’s faces), I am writing this for me. In ten years I will be reading this again and probably go like,’ What was I thinking!’ and then laugh my head off.

I used to post under the name of Arthur, but never mind him, I am and have always been none other than Felix Bent. Pleased to meet you.

35 thoughts on “About

  1. Wait a sec – – really ? I am not sure how to take this entire About Page. Is this the character writing this? Or the true author? Because you write with a style that is far beyond the age this About Page states. I am completely floored. Even the title of this Blog is magnificent! Anyhow, I just dropped in to thank you for following me (how did you find me?) but I am definitely staying for the ride! Great job!

    • Dear Little Miss Menopause,

      Thank you very much for your comment. It really put a smile on my face. I am Arthur and I must admit, I get a little help writing all this. There is a man behind the scenes who helps me find the right words and fix the minor grammar errors.
      Your blog was suggested in an email. I really liked the name and so I read one of your blogs and really laughed my head off. I hope to find the time to read some more of your blogs.
      Thanks to stay for the ride. I hope to read more from you, too.

      Kindest of regards,


  2. Hi Arthur. Hi man who helps Arthur. I’m Maggie. Stephanie’s blog friend. She said I should come here and read. So I did. (I do what I’m told.)(Sometimes) I’m glad to meet you. And thanks for following my blog, too!

    • Dear Maggie,

      I was just reading your about page and stumbled upon a story about Calvin and Hobbes. Although Mum and Dad don’t agree with it, I do read a lot of Calvin and Hobbes and I find it to be hilarious.
      Thank you very much for coming to my blog. Stephanie is a lovely woman who is giving me too much credit. Someone once told me ‘write about what you know’ and I happen to know a lot about me, so there you have it.
      I am very happy to meet you, too, and I am definitely going to read that post on Calvin and Hobbes now.

      Kind regards,


  3. Hey there, Arthur!
    It’s nice to meet you (and your family). You seem like characters straight out of a juicy serial on TV. Your grandma is a smart ‘un, she is; encouraging you to blog. I think your work’s fantastic, and I’m going to go ahead and poke around a little more.
    Oh, and Stephanie sent me here. Now I’m glad she did! 🙂


    The Girl Who Speaks (To Herself)

    • Dear Girl Who Speaks To Herself,

      Thank you very much. Stephanie is great. I am a big fan of hers. The way she writes … she should be a published author and famous for her work.
      I’m now also following you and I am very curious to your blog. With a blogname like that, I expect the unexpected. I haven’t read anything so far, but I’m going to tonight (after dinner and schoolwork).

      Kind regards,


  4. Hello Arthur,
    Stephanie did not send me here 🙂 Actually Ron Lewis did. For someone your age, you write well. I’m going to hang around and poke, hope you don’t mind……of course you don’t.
    Thanks for following my blog, much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    • Dear Ujuh,

      What a great name. I also found you through Ron. Thank you very much for coming here and comment. Please, do stay and poke. I’ll try my best to keep up with your posts, too. You seem like a friendly person.

      Kindest of regards,


  5. Hi Arthur, thank you so much for stopping by my site and for following me. I am so glad that I followed the chain back to you because wow! I’ve found an absolutely amazing blog! I love it and will definitely be following your posts. Lydia

    • Dear Mrs Devadason,

      Thank you for your writings and thanks for also following me. Your blogs show me how parents look at parenting and might just give me some insight into what my parents might sometimes go through. Keep on writing.

      Kindest of regards,


  6. Dear Arthur, I think your blog is great and deserves more recognition. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you’d like to accept please follow the link below. In accepting the award you will need to say seven random things about yourself and then nominate other blogs to accept the award in their turn. Of course, you don’t have to participate and many people choose not to because they are too busy or because it does not interest them. If this is not something you’re interested in, apologies, but I hope at least you won’t be offended that I thought of you! Stay in touch 🙂


    • Dear Lydia,

      Thank you ever so much for coming here and posting such a lovely comment. Nominating me for an award just made my day, maybe even my entire week. It’s funny, before I started blogging I had never been nominated for anything and here I am being nominated for this award. Offended!? Au contraire, ma amie.
      I’ll start writing tomorrow and hopefully I’ll also be able to finish it tomorrow. Thank you very much. I’ll be following your blog around.

      Kindest of regards,


    • Dear Angie,

      Thank you for your reaction. I love the wordplay Arthur/Author. Hadn’t thought of that one myself. I look forward to reading more of you, too.

      Kind regards,


      • I appreciate your courtesy Arthor Arthur. I’m rather detail impaired and hope that won’t come between us 🙂 Have a great week!

    • Dear Christine,

      I have only recently started following your blog, too. You are an amazing writer and I can’t believe you’re a vet, too. You must be one of the prettiest vets around.
      Thank you very much for the nomination. It’s incredibly sweet of you.

      Kind regards,


  7. Thanks so much for venturing over to my blog, Arthur! I’ve contemplated on what I was going to write on this page for quite for a while. I suppose it’s because I’m quite intimidated by your talent. I wasn’t nearly as witty and insightful as you are, back when I was fourteen. Anyway, this is a wonderful blog you have here, and keep on writing!

    • Dear Adelie,

      The pleasure’s all mine. I really enjoy reading your work. Intimidated!? By me? Please, don’t, I’m not worthy. A simple ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ would do just fine. Keep on blogging, dear Adelie.

      Kind regards,


    • Hello Lydia,

      Thank you ever so much for nominating me. Although I was already nominated before some time ago (there’s a liebster award blog in my history somewhere), I will answer your questions and I hope I can find the time to do that in today’s blog. At the moment we’ve got company and I am just taking a short break from that.
      A thousand and one thanks from me to you.

      • Hello Arthur

        You are most welcome, and in my mind, you can never have too many Liebsters 😉 As always, there is no hurry if you wish to participate.

        Kind regards


    • Dear Alinea,

      Thank you for visiting my blog (and life) and commenting. and liking. How I found your blog … that is a good question to which I will forever owe you an explanation. I have completely forgotten who pointed me into your direction. I hope it’s not very important, otherwise I will keep on digging in my memory. It may well have been Matt Black. Then again, it may well have been someone else. I am very sorry. But I do like your blog and hope to be reading more of it.

      Kind regards,


  8. Thanks for taking the time and energy to visit my Beeseeker blog. It’s a busy place!
    Glad you found something you liked in there.
    Will spend some time in your posts when I have proper quality time to spare.
    Meanwhile please keep blogging.

  9. Hello, Arthur, glad to “meet” you on here. Am thinking you have one smart Grandma over there! Look forward to reading more of your posts! I have a 14-year-old in my house too and he’s starting a blog of his own. I’ll have to have him check yours out !

    • Dear A.Prompt,

      Thank you very much for coming to my page and commenting. Grandma is really something, thank you. You have a 14-year old who’s going to blog. Please, send me a link to his blog; I’m curious what he’s going to write about.

      Kindest of regards,


      • I will send you the link when he has his blog up and running. Right now, he is sitting his year-ends for the next few weeks and studying so not much time for blogging! Will not forget though….keep up the good writing!

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