Hum Bugs & Stomach Bugs

30-04-2014 Wednesday

Wowzers, I have been ill for a couple of days and I have been absolutely unable to do much of anything. The whole world was spinning round and round, but not because I was in love. My stomach protested against everything and anything that entered the premises and my head hurt with each little ant stomping its little feet on the big ol’ ground. Mum says it must have been some kind of stomach bug, but I hadn’t eaten any bugs, at least not that I know of. I slept most of the time and when I was awake I spent it on the toilet. For some reason I feel my body is clean of everything now except for that bug.
I am feeling a little better today, at least well enough to type a little (not too fast, though). Cheddar’s here to cheer me up with cuddles and dog kisses (yuck). Sometimes I wonder what it is that dogs think. Do they think? If so, do they think things like,’ Woof, arf, bark, bark, rrrr’? Or do they see images? I know that Cheddar sometimes dreams, that’s really funny; barking or growling in its sleep. Then I try to imagine what it is that Cheddar is dreaming about that it needed to bark. Maybe it was fighting a dog over a bone. I’ll never know.
Actually, for a dog owner, I know very little about animal behaviour and I feel I should know more. For instance, dog have such an incredible nose, that they can smell food from miles away, but why do they literally have to stick their nose up another dog’s butt to smell that? Can’t they smell that from miles away? Not only have they got a good nose, they also have a very well-developed sixth sense. Cheddar knows exactly when I need cheering up. It also knows exactly when we’re going to leave; sometimes even before we know it ourselves. And maybe – this is just a hunch – I think they can see dead people. I base that on the fact that it sometimes seems to bark and growl for no apparent reason.  
Some say that dogs don’t go to heaven. Even though I am not the religious kind of guy, it makes me wonder why – if there is a heaven – dogs wouldn’t be allowed in. Maybe it would get to crowded up there if animals were allowed a place in heaven as well. Though I could hardly think of a heaven without any animals. That would not be heaven to me. If I die and go to heaven and there are no animals there, I am going to have a talk with the manager.
I’m going to go back to sleep now. Hope I’ll feel better soon. Have a great day today! See me tomorrow.