Dinosaurs and Whales and Shit

24-01-2014 Friday


Jinkies, I totally forgot. Today we went to the museum. I just remembered writing that one of the school bullies threw somebody down the stairs but I forgot to tell that we were at the Natural History Museum. We were working on this school project; a biology project to be more precise. I got so caught up in this bully story and being a ninja that I forgot to tell you where I was and what we did.

I was totally in stealth mode today (which gave me the idea for the ninja bit). Lucky me, they counted everybody on the bus. I am one of those pupils who usually gets left behind. I wander off, lose track of time, get lost, you name it, I do anything to not have to go back. Just kidding. It’s just that I am hardly ever outside on my own, other than going to school and back home again. That is why I try my best to take in as much as I can and thus I lose sense of everything around me.

Most of my classmates brought their mobile phones to take pictures. Mum gave me a shitty old camera that I was unable to operate properly. She said I should feel lucky that it was a digital one and not one that still uses films. I gave her big (though fake) smile to show my appreciation. As soon as I have figured out how to get the pictures on my computer I will put some up – if there are any good ones. For now you will have to do with what I tell you about the museum. I am going to keep it short though, because it is nearly time for bed.

First of all, the Natural History Museum is big, very big and most of it is really interesting. There was only one part I found incredibly dull. Not even reasonably dull, not incredibly dull. It is also kind of a fishy part of the museum (bad pun intended). They were just some big rooms with small sea creatures in them. I didn’t time it, I don’t think I spent more than five minutes in there.

Wait, rewind, and let’s start at the beginning. As soon as you walk into that building you look straight into the eyes of this fantastic Dinosaur skeleton. I will have to Google all of their Latin(?) names, because I didn’t take any notes and my knowledge on dinosaurs is next to nothing. This skeleton reaches way up to the ceiling (so you’re not really looking into his eyes, because they are way up there, and you are way down there). Next to that beast I felt really slim.

Anyways, if you turn left immediately, you enter the exposition room where they have this sort of path that takes you along tens of real looking life-sized dinosaurs. They have got bones, full skeletons, replicas, eggs, and so much information. They put up all these signs with information on their habitats and how they lived and what might have caused their extinction. I don’t remember ever heaving read anything about it in the bible. You have to start upstairs and walk along this bridge-like contraption. This also gives you a good overview of the entire exposition. It was actually kind of creepy. Some of these dinosaur skeletons looked so much alive.

At the end of the bridge you are get to see a moving dinosaur. To be honest, although it must not have been easy to make, it did look a little bit fake compared to all the other things. I did fancy the dinosaur eggs and the little baby dinosaurs. I think they were nicer than the big brawling bully that was taking up too much space.

As it is nearly time for bed, I am going to say one last thing. The whales and their skeletons were also breath taking. I never imagined whales were that huge and that animals that big still live on this planet and even in the sea. They made me feel small and insignificant. I wonder if the little fish in the ocean feel like that when they see a whale passing by. Whatever. See me tomorrow.