Ghost Hunter Man

25-01-2014 Saturday


ImageI don’t have to come to terms with being on the heavy side, it’s the rest of the world out there; they have to come to terms with me being a bit chubby. The only thing I have to do is to make sure it will stay being chubby (or just athletic) and do not turn into something obese. That is one of the reasons why I have decided to start doing push-ups. I have to do them while my arms can still reach the floor when I’m lying on my stomach.

Today I watched the film Beverly Hills Ninja. It’s not hilarious, but quite funny for an American film. Haru is a rather fat Ninja and not a very good one. While all the other Ninjas are on a mission, Haru has to guard the dojo. A lovely looking lady distracts him and he leaves. I am not going to go into the story any further, the reason I mentioned it is because this Haru character kind of reminded me of what I might grow up to be like if I don’t mind my weight. Also, I was kind of daydreaming about becoming a martial artist myself. As a ghost hunter I think I could use some of those ninja skills (and not just my invisibility skills).

Mum would probably disagree, she doesn’t even know about me being a Ghost Hunter. By the way, did you see my new outfit? I made it this morning. I did not have to sew anything together – thank God. I took one of my old plain T-shirts and painted a logo on it that I designed myself. After that I ripped another old shirt apart and cut a nice mask out of it. I have wondered though how it is that superheroes are not recognized just because they are wearing something over their eyes. Just like that Green Lantern guy; it’s so obvious! I’ll just wear the mask because I think it’s cool and I think they do to. To be honest, I look a lot better in the picture wearing that outfit than I do in real life.

Come to think of it. I guess most people in those films aren’t as pretty as they seem to be on the screen. They are not as pretty as they are. They wear make-up and I bet that with all those new films a lot of retouching is done to make those actors look even prettier. I bet I wouldn’t even recognize most of them if they weren’t wearing their make-up. That is why I have decided never to fall in love with a film star; they’re as fake as can be.

Having said that, back to reality. I am just a normal boy with no super powers, just a cheap superhero outfit that I made myself, but at least I have dreams. It’s up to me – and Mum – to make those dreams come true. Which is why I am going over to Mr Bent’s tomorrow. I know he was supposed to come here, but I don’t think he’ll be coming in anytime soon. Knowing him he’ll just say things like,’ Germs! Germs everywhere!’ Because I had the flu this week.

That’s it for today. I am going to finish up on my report about the Natural History Museum. I got a long way yesterday and I even managed to get some of those pictures up. I don’t if you have looked me up on Facebook already. You should, I could use some friends there. Sometimes it feels I am talking to myself. Cheddar says,’ Woof y’all.’ See me tomorrow.  

I’m Invisible


24-01-2014 Friday




Maybe I should become a ninja; I have definitely mastered the art of invisibility. Teachers hardly ever notice my presence in class and not even my classmates are aware of it when I am ill for a couple of days and therefore don’t attend classes. For some reason I always go unnoticed. I think it’s also because of the school uniforms. Everybody looks the same. Although some of us try to squeeze in some of their personality by dying or cutting their hair in extreme ways. Socks also seem to be a good way to show you’re different. Still, I don’t really stand out in the crowd even though I am on the chubby side. I could come to school wearing one of those propeller caps, and nobody would notice. Well, maybe one or two people would say something like,’ Hey, there’s something different about your hair today.’


It is kind of a good thing to not be noticed. School bullies don’t seem to be one of my problems. They don’t bother bullying me because there is nothing to gain for them; there is no way to get a kick out of bullying me. Though there is a lot about me they could make fun of. Let’s face it; I’m chubby, not very pretty, a bit spotty (though not a lot anymore thanks to Lush), and I am absolutely positively not hip. I don’t go with the masses. Let it be clear that I am pretty pleased with all this. I have accepted it and I guess,’ This, too, shall pass.’


Basically I am an easy prey. Most likely I am too easy to be worth the effort. Who, then, is it that they pick on and how? Well, it is quite difficult to look into their brains and see what’s going in there. There probably isn’t much going on in there anyways – which is their biggest problem if you’d ask me. If their brains were more preoccupied with interesting stuff, they’d leave those poor fellows alone. School bullies are much like zombies ‘BRAAAAAINS, BRAAAAINS!’. Instead of ‘brains’ they go like,’ ANNOY! ANNNOOOOOY!’


School bullies have this sixth sense. They enter a room and know instinctively who can be bullied and who should not be messed with or is just not worth the effort. Furthermore, they know exactly when to strike and have this database of excuses for their actions if on the rare occasion they do get noticed or even caught. They poke you from behind with their pen and they accuse you of throwing the pen on the floor or stealing the cap (that they threw onto your desk in a cunning way). You know how it works.


Teachers for fall their tricks over and over again. How come teachers don’t see these things? Are they really that blind? This afternoon one the bullies threw somebody down the stairs. He put the blame on the people behind him and he said they were pushing him. When asked who were pushing him, he couldn’t say, because he either didn’t recognize them or couldn’t see their faces clearly. Fact was, there was nobody behind him. The poor kid broke his arm, the bully gets away with it and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.


I’m so glad I am me. I know I am not perfect in many ways, but I am working on things and one day I will astound everybody, mark my words. First, food. See me tomorrow.