Taking An Old Bag Shopping

14-03-2014 Friday

Coming to terms with the truth is not an easy thing to do. Today we were given a piece of paper with all kinds of facial expressions on it. We had to write down how the people in the pictures were feeling. Afterwards we discussed the answers. I got two right: happy and sad. And I must admit that I had problems with those two. I guess you could say I am not very good at these things.
It’s incredible how many facial expressions people can have and how many different names we have for emotions. I hadn’t even heard of half of the emotions. How can a man recognize an emotion in somebody’s face when he doesn’t even know that the emotion existed. Things like: betrayal, sternness, indignation, spooked, pain empathy, and so on. There were 35 facial expressions and then the teacher said that this wasn’t even a complete list. To make things worse, some of those facial expressions can even mean something else in a different situation or depending on the body. How am I ever going to understand people? How will people ever understand me!? People should write books on this for people like me. 
So much for the depressing bit of today’s blog. Tomorrow Grandma is celebrating her birthday. My guess is that it is going to be chaos and disorder most of the time. We went round this evening to help Grandma prepare a little bit and the first thing we did was drive to Tesco’s and going to Tesco’s with Grandma is an hilarious but also frustrating endeavour. It’s hilarious for me, frustrating for Mum and Dad, and some of the other costumers, and the staff.
Grandma had made a grocery list. If it hadn’t been for Mum I think we would have bought half the store, but nothing on Grandma’s list. In each and every food aisle Grandma said something like,’ Ooooh, biscuits. I like biscuits. These are my favourite. Let’s buy these.’ Or ,’ Oooh, Diary Milk. I love Diary Milk. I’ll have some of it. And she’d put one or two of the item in the trolley without even checking her list. Mum was desperately trying to put back everything that was not on the list and replacing it by things that were. As for me, I was just enjoying the show.
When we got to the cash desk, Grandma pulled out this big wallet from her purse. This is probably where the agony and frustration started. The wallet could have well been a purse onto itself. It also happened to be the only thing in Grandma’s handbag, because there simply was no more room for any other items in the bag. Then she opened her wallet and started putting all the coins she had in there on the counter, counting the money while doing so. The queue was getting longer, while Grandma took her time counting the money. In the end she was 2 pounds short and started putting it all back in her wallet again. As the lady behind the counter was getting a little annoyed she grabbed the money as fast as she could, gave Grandma her receipt, wished her a great evening and a happy birthday and screamed ‘next!’ I think Grandma knew she was two pounds short.
I was asked what kind of advice Mr Bent gave me on relationships. Well, first thing he said,’ Just make sure you use a condom!’ I guess he meant well, but it was a little awkward and I was in shock after he had said that. Evelyn and I hadn’t even kissed properly yet, how could he be thinking about those things. He’s a dirty ol’ man, sometimes. After that he said that it would be best to tell my parents and be honest, but also that he could understand why I found it difficult to do so. Still, it would be best to tell them myself, before they hear it through the grapevine. He also told me most girls don’t like it when you tickle their uvulas, but I’m not sure what he meant by that.
I would have loved to tell you more, but it’s getting late and tomorrow is going to be a long day. We’re going over to Grandma’s in the afternoon to help her get everything ready. I don’t know if I have time to write anything tomorrow. I’ll try my best. See me.