Ghost Hunter Man

25-01-2014 Saturday


ImageI don’t have to come to terms with being on the heavy side, it’s the rest of the world out there; they have to come to terms with me being a bit chubby. The only thing I have to do is to make sure it will stay being chubby (or just athletic) and do not turn into something obese. That is one of the reasons why I have decided to start doing push-ups. I have to do them while my arms can still reach the floor when I’m lying on my stomach.

Today I watched the film Beverly Hills Ninja. It’s not hilarious, but quite funny for an American film. Haru is a rather fat Ninja and not a very good one. While all the other Ninjas are on a mission, Haru has to guard the dojo. A lovely looking lady distracts him and he leaves. I am not going to go into the story any further, the reason I mentioned it is because this Haru character kind of reminded me of what I might grow up to be like if I don’t mind my weight. Also, I was kind of daydreaming about becoming a martial artist myself. As a ghost hunter I think I could use some of those ninja skills (and not just my invisibility skills).

Mum would probably disagree, she doesn’t even know about me being a Ghost Hunter. By the way, did you see my new outfit? I made it this morning. I did not have to sew anything together – thank God. I took one of my old plain T-shirts and painted a logo on it that I designed myself. After that I ripped another old shirt apart and cut a nice mask out of it. I have wondered though how it is that superheroes are not recognized just because they are wearing something over their eyes. Just like that Green Lantern guy; it’s so obvious! I’ll just wear the mask because I think it’s cool and I think they do to. To be honest, I look a lot better in the picture wearing that outfit than I do in real life.

Come to think of it. I guess most people in those films aren’t as pretty as they seem to be on the screen. They are not as pretty as they are. They wear make-up and I bet that with all those new films a lot of retouching is done to make those actors look even prettier. I bet I wouldn’t even recognize most of them if they weren’t wearing their make-up. That is why I have decided never to fall in love with a film star; they’re as fake as can be.

Having said that, back to reality. I am just a normal boy with no super powers, just a cheap superhero outfit that I made myself, but at least I have dreams. It’s up to me – and Mum – to make those dreams come true. Which is why I am going over to Mr Bent’s tomorrow. I know he was supposed to come here, but I don’t think he’ll be coming in anytime soon. Knowing him he’ll just say things like,’ Germs! Germs everywhere!’ Because I had the flu this week.

That’s it for today. I am going to finish up on my report about the Natural History Museum. I got a long way yesterday and I even managed to get some of those pictures up. I don’t if you have looked me up on Facebook already. You should, I could use some friends there. Sometimes it feels I am talking to myself. Cheddar says,’ Woof y’all.’ See me tomorrow.