Short Shirts and Shorter Skirts

19-05-2014 Monday

You can tell summer is a coming just by the way everybody at school behaves. I’m not even going to go into the way people start dressing. Well, actually I am and I’ll do it now, just to get it out of my system. Is it me or are skirts and shirts getting smaller each year? Let’s make it absolutely clear that I am not interested in seeing each and every girl’s belly button. For your information, some girls would like to have shown their belly buttons, but they’re hidden under a couple of layers of belly rolls. Which, I can assure you, is not always a pretty sight to see. It’s also kind of silly that girls come to school wearing their short skirts and minipants, but all day long you see them pulling them down a little bit to cover a little more leg (actually I mean behind). If you didn’t want your butt to show, you shouldn’t have worn those hot pants to school. Sometimes I wonder if these girls come from poor families and that their parents bought those clothes years ago so they could grow into them, not knowing these girls would grow a little bigger than they had expected.
But … I wanted to talk about they way they act now that summer is just around the corner. What I find interesting is that boys and girls (in no particular order) who have been in a relationship for some time this year, suddenly end their relationships. Most of the time it’s just out of the blue; as if girls saying,’ You know, you’re cute and all, but summer’s a coming and there’ll be hotter guys at the beach that I would like to watch playing football in their swimming trunks.’ Of course they don’t say this to the guys they break up with. More or less the same thing goes for the guys. This basically means a lot of relationships falling apart, crying girls (and sometimes even boys), but I’m sure that some of them are tears of happiness, because secretly they’re already looking forward to whom they’re going to hang out with all summer.
And then, as you’ll understand, spring is in the air; blue skies, sun, flowers in bloom, birds chirping … new relationships start. For some reason that geeky guy you always thought was quite average suddenly looks incredibly handsome in his skinny jeans. The girl that looked so chubby in her winter outfit, suddenly looks mighty fine in her summer dress and the sun in her eyes. I think you can now see this endless circle, because next year, it’s going to be the same thing all over again. They’ll break up and find somebody else. I for one refuse to take part in this madness. Luckily for me Evelyn agrees with me on this.
Today we sat in the canteen together watching two couples break up together. They cried tears like you would not believe. One girl walked away crying and shouting things like,’ How could you! We were such a great team!’ Before you start saying ,’Aaaahw, that poor girl. How could he!? That (bad word).’ That same girl was seen kissing two other guys after school and I don’t mean a small pecker on the cheek. One of those guys was her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. Please note that I used the word ‘was’! I don’t want to have a best friend, because they always steal your girlfriend.
This is spring for you. Next year it will be the same thing, only the skirts and shirts will be shorter still. The year after same thing and at this rate in about five years girls will probably be coming to school in their undies. Think of all the industries that will go bankrupt. If we’re not doing it for the girls, let’s do it for the economy. Save this world by making girls wear proper shorts to school! I think I could run for president with ideas like these. See me tomorrow.  

Shirts, Skirts, and Woolly Hats

12-03-2014 Wednesday

Let me first say that I don’t like to talk about trivial things as ‘the weather’, so bear in mind that I was in extreme agony whilst writing this paragraph. With the weather we’ve been having some of us pupils seem to be very confused. We just don’t know what to wear anymore. Today I noticed that kids were wearing shirts, skirts, and woolly hats. Things used to be so easy; cold in winter, hot in summer, but you just can’t trust the weather anymore.

Okay, the pain is gone now. Let’s get on with it. I think it should be forbidden for teachers to have a love life at school. It’s normal for us (we, the people) to have one, because, basically school is our life. Some of us spend more time at or on school, than at home. As it is a place of learning, it is not more than logical to have a love life at school; we have to learn these things someplace and this is the designated area of love. Teachers should go and find their own place to do these kinds of things, especially when it concerns an affair. Go get a room!

Why am I saying this? Well, for more than one reason. First of all it kind of grosses me out to see two teachers holding hands, kissing each other and, basically, acting like teenagers amongst real teenagers. It’s just not right. They should act the way grown-ups do. Also, it’s not only awkward for the teachers but also for the hundreds of pupils when you’re having an affair and just as you’re kissing your affair goodbye, your husband shows up to collect you.

I wasn’t there to witness anything myself, but the news spread like wildfire. It had reached everybody within one period. Notes were passed (yes, we still do that) under the tables with silly drawings and stupid remarks. I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow. This is like a real life soap opera and this was the ultimate cliff-hanger. Can’t wait to see how this will end. See me tomorrow.