Put On Your Gasmasks

10-03-2014 Monday

It’s Monday, spring is in the air as well as love and hay fever. Mrs Hoover wasn’t at school. She was at home struggling with hay-fever symptoms. Somebody told me she was going to see a doctor about it as she had never had hay fever before and they might want to check if it is not some killer flu or anything. For her sake I hope it’s just hay fever, for the sake of my fellow pupils, I’m hoping it’s something worse than that. For my sake I’m hoping it’s something bad enough to keep her down at least till Friday, but not bad enough to kill her, because she still has to give me back my mark for my last test.
I think Mr Owen and Mrs Williams have a severe case of the love. I saw them coming out of the teacher staff room today. Mr Owen grabbed Mrs Williams by the arm (or hand, I’m not sure) and said,’ Tonight?’ as he looked at her in a very weird way. I can’t really explain it that well, but I’ll try my best. Let’s say you were just given your favourite sweet (or biscuit), but you were not allowed to eat it right away. The sweet is within eyesight, it makes your mouth water, you’re all happy about the sweet and you’re thinking about how you are about to devour it completely. Then suddenly it is pushed in your direction and closer to your mouth. The look that you have on your face at that very moment is just the look Mr Owen had. With his lips curling up and wet and all. Mrs Williams responded in a girlish voice with a decisive,’ Tonight.’ and she gave him ‘the wink’. Then she turned round, all blushing, her skirt twirling round her legs as in those romantic films, and a smile on her face that said it all. I felt kind of dirty after this, knowing that she’s been winking at every guy she sees including me. I need a shower.
I’m not going to wash my hand ever again, though, but that is for another reason. As I said, love is in the air and you should either start wearing a gasmask or you’re sure to be infected by it too sooner or later. Evelyn and I held hands today. Though it was not in plain sight. That’s not our style. It was under the table and though it felt as if it lasted forever I guess it was maybe five minutes or something.
During lunchtime I ended up at sitting at the same table as Evelyn. Okay, maybe that wasn’t really a coincidence; we may have done it accidentally on purpose if you know what I mean. Anyhow, we were sitting there, eating our lunch. Mum had packed an apple and some homemade sandwiches with something that I couldn’t identify but looked very healthy. Evelyn on my left and I was on her right. My left arm was just, I don’t know, dangling there, being useless, when I felt the back of Evelyn’s hand touching mine. It was so soft and warm.
First, one of our fingers got hold of each other, then another and another, and before we knew it we were holding hands, just like that. It felt so good holding her hand in mine. I think we were both blushing and I think I could hear her heartbeat going just as fast as mine. We didn’t really dare to look at each other or at anybody else. I don’t think anybody noticed anything except for us. No way Mrs Williams is going to get away with another wink at me. Back off, lady, this man is taken!

See me tomorrow.